Yoga course Yoga and the Art of Aging – Week 3 of Week 7


Yoga course Yoga and the Art of Aging Full DVD Yoga Routine Week 3 of Week 7
Week 3. STRENGTH AND DIGESTION: In this session we focus on a practice that will build lean muscle mass which, will increase the function of the digestive system, improving vitality and cultivating empowerment and enthusiasm.

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49 Responses to Yoga course Yoga and the Art of Aging – Week 3 of Week 7

  1. Hi Hal,

    I would like to download this new video. I have been practicing part 2 of the art of aging for quite a while (every day) and I wonder when this one will be available. Thanks for your great work.


  2. Hi Al!!

    Thank you so much for everything…You are really pushing people all over the world to join the Wonderful World of Yoga. Congratulations !!!


  3. Hi Al,

    I have been enjoying your videos a lot, and i’m very thankful for all the work and effort you have put in in general. Thank you so much!
    Where can I download the 3. part?, so I can do my yoga outside in nature and not be trapped indoors :)

    Love and Namaste

  4. Can you recomend or do you do dvd’s for people with chronic fatigue and fibromylgia.


    • I would say some recovery routines. I am not aware of an. We do have some filmed and they are about 6 weeks away from release.

  5. Hi ! Al


    You have hooked me for the yoga again…and I am enjoying it…I practice YOGA at least four days a week but some of the poses every day..

    Al, there is a problem with my lower back but that is when I get up from sitting position for a minute or two and the I am fine..can you giude me…what special poses I should do ?



  6. Thank you Al for this yoga video. I have already been practicing it and as you said I felt with more vitality and enthusiasm. Thank you very much again for the effort you are doing in making this videos.


  7. You have saved me a small fortune on chiropractors I cant thank you enough. I feel young again :)

  8. can i please get acopy of week 1 again as my darling 1 yr old managed to wipe some of the files on my computer.



  9. I thank you very. Beautifully made video. I greet warmly – michael :)

  10. best teaching in yog. i too conduct yog class and do not have any dvd.
    thank you for sending dvd. ……………gajanan

  11. Very helpful sessions….Nice background..thanks

  12. HI

  13. Hello: I would like th instrucctions to download the yoga videos. Yesterday, I was practicing this video.


    Gloria E Rocha

  14. Al could you please send me the Number One download again. Sorry, but I can’t find it on my computer.

  15. An excellent video showing step by step with clear instructions. Thnk you AL. Now how do I get a copy of the DVD’s.

    • Hey we have not put them on DVD yet as we have got other priorities and is about $6000 to get a run of the series done.

  16. somewhere on this website I saw something that said “yoga for health: a beginner’s guide” and now I can’t find it again. Was this a book? A dvd? A video? Can somebody help me a. find it, and b . tell me what it is?



  18. thank you very much for excellent video. I relly like

  19. thankyou very much for excellent video. I relly like.

  20. A very big thank you for Week 3 video. Am really looking forward to having the whole series. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

  21. As usual a great work. Thanks for this new video

  22. iwant this vidio link

  23. iwant this vidio link. yoganand

  24. such a wonderful video! thank you for helping me so much.

  25. many many thanks for coming up with this one video with the sequence of earlier videos…

  26. Thanks so much! I’m enjoying your sessions. I teach too and find your sessions interesting!
    Looking forward to some more!

  27. Hello Al!
    Muchas Gracias. Thank you very much for this video. I did it once already and I love it!!!! Blessing to you!

  28. thank you

  29. Thank you very much Al! It will help me a lot..

  30. Hi Al thanks for these downloads.I am enjoying them.May the good Lord bless you for sharing this with me.

  31. Dear Al

    I want to thank you a lot for this exellent videos. I am practicing every day and i feel very nice.

  32. thank Al! I love yoga so much. How I can buy your all yoga DVDS ? I am now in Vietnam.

    • We are not selling the hard copy DVDS as yet, But may start next month or the month after .


  33. Hola Al,

    One more time this is a great workout. I love the transitions from one pose to another. It is really great. I love her accent too.

    I would like to ask you a question Do you know any tips or variation poses for lotus pose? I feel a disconfort and tenderness on my right knee when I try this position or siting cross legged poses. I do not want to stop doing Yoga because of this. I am being careful, and I am avoiding sitting foward bends, lotus, and other similar poses and give my knee a rest. When I do standing poses I am fine. Any tips, ideas or variations? I will really appreciate your time and input.

    Take care & Blessings


    • Rene Be VERY careful with the Lotus pose. Knees need to be looked after. Simple cross leg or half lotus is a good start until the hips open. But if your keen is sore it could be many things and it is not practical to give advise with out more details. Certainly if it hurts stop.


  34. waaaaaaaw its very amizing really . thanx

  35. I enjoyed the first video I was able to down load I am travelling around Australia and being able to do my Yoga while I travel will help with my lower back problem
    Thank you so much

  36. Thanks very much for these yoga exercises, I was suffering from shoulders tension and pain.Even my left lower back is not ok. But the more I do Yoga through your innstruction,my health is becoming better and better. Thank VERy Much. Paul

  37. Great video and perfect for the yoga beginners

  38. I enjoyed the video however some soft music would make it even better. Namaste

    • We leave the music off as that is personal. People can play the music which suits them best of their own .


  39. Thanks for the videos. It’s really very helpful for me. I love this.Thanks againe

  40. Hello,

    thank you very much for the videos! Keep doing your wonderful job!

  41. Al, thank you so much for your wonderful job. I really enjoy practicing yoga with you everyday.