Am I In Down Dogop

I am going to yoga, but a “newbie” to speak,
Learned a few poses in one class last week.
“Asana” this and “asana” that,
I feel very lucky to just stay on my mat!

What to wear to my classes is quite a hard chore,
Get ideas from the yogis who walk through the door.
Do I want comfort or style??…I just want to look hot,
Show some curves, hide some bulges?? Let’s see what I’ve got.
I look in my closet…pull out something that flows,
Not too long or too short…it’s above knees and toes.

I head over to class, feeling good about me,
Dressed in my roomy blouse, to move easily.
We start in child’s pose…I like this one a lot,
Then move into down dog…this pose I forgot!
“Look at your hands”, the teacher just said…
But I can’t see my fingers…my shirt’s over my head!

Does anyone see me? Would they know my face?
Should I stay hidden or run out of this place?
Maybe others are having the same problem as me…
I decide to be quiet and hope no one will see!

But the pose that soon follows, we rise up to stand,
Now my “face mask” has fallen downward to land.
I can’t look embarrassed…just stare straight ahead,
It’s good the room’s dark…think my face is bright red!

We then set an intention, a focus that’s best,
Mine is quite simple…just to cover my chest!!

Basic Yoga Wear Guide

Yogasync Me!  Experiment at Home with these version of Down Dog – becasue a down dog at anytime of day is sure to soothe the mind, align the body and refresh vitality:

Show Me Down Dog Variety

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