Yoga in Colorado:Can Marijuana Enhance Your Yoga Practice?


Finding the Natural High

Yogis often talk about how they get “natural high” from their practice. Yes, this means many such yogis once sought help from intoxicants of one sort or another, but to talk of a natural high means to have moved beyond the need for a chemical buzz. The first time you pop into the king pigeon pose you’ll indeed feel “high” in a recognizable way, even if you’ve never engaged in other “activities” to catch a buzz. Colorado is a place where more and more people are coming to practice yoga, of course, legalized pot is also grabbing attention here.

Everybody who comes to Colorado these days asks about marijuana, some just want to know if it’s like reggae concert in Jamaica. Others come seeking such a situation. In the ten minutes it took me to walk from a parking garage in Boulder to my favorite yoga studio near downtown, two different people asked me where to find the “recreational store”.

They weren’t talking about the many stores that sell yoga mats, running shoes and climbing gear, they were after recreational pot. Clearly there were from out of town; anyone in town sober or not, knows there’s a pot shop not far from wherever they are standing.

Fortunately for the yoga community, pot hasn’t gained much ground. It becomes quite obvious to people who make a real commitment to a yoga practice that their bodies start saying no to all types of pollutants. Let’s face it, smoking weed may have medical merit in some cases, but most users in Colorado aren’t seeking medical improvement, they are doing it for recreation.

Pot won’t help one’s yoga practice; the side effects are paranoia, compulsive eating and other effects that can wreak havoc on the body’s homeostatic balance. If you’re coming to Colorado, you’ll find that it’s easy to get high without doing pot. You don’t even have to climb a mountain. Just being near the mountains puts you in awe. You suddenly feel small, but, like when you feel small next to the ocean, you are freed by the new perspective and feel empowered.

The fact is that Colorado has countless parks with amazing views of the mountains. Most of them are on the outskirts of major cities. The parks offer plenty of good pace to roll out a yoga mat and admire the mountains while you’re in downward dog and feel the power of nature while in warrior pose. What’s even better is that most of them have some sort of smoking ban, so folks won’t easily ruin your yoga with their recreational toking.

If you come to Colorado to deepen your yoga practice, you’ll find that most yoga is don’t dig indulging in weed, although you might find a yoga class in brew pub. What can I say? I’m not taking sides in terms of beer verses bud. All I can say for sure is what I’ve always known: yoga makes me feel totally awesome, and that’s why I do it every day.

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Vincent Gerbino is a YogaFit™ Certified Yoga Teacher. “Yoga isn’t what I do, it is who I am.” Yoga completely changed my life for the better. Soon after I started my own practice, I said to myself that I had to eventually become a teacher so I could give to the world what Yoga gave to me. In 2006, Vincent began teaching Yoga, five years after he began his own practice. Vincent is also a trained barefoot runner, a co-organizer of the Boulder Barefoot Running Club, and enjoys bicycling, rollerblading and hiking.

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