5 top reasons yoga works for everybody!


Fast lifestyle and poor eating habits impact our health in many different ways, mostly in a negative way. Millions around the world feel that their health level is deteriorating and they need a better solution that can help them sustain while handling hectic lifestyle and worldly pressures. For many of us, yoga has become an ideal way to stay fit and healthy not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. This is why we see new yoga studios mushrooming every day like Starbucks and other popular food joints around the world. Yoga experts claim that yoga is for everybody and that there is no specific age or time to join yoga classes.

Here we take a quick look at some of the reasons why yoga works for everybody.

1 - Maintain Cardio and Circulatory Health

One of the main reasons why yoga works for everybody is because you will improve the blood circulation at every yoga class. Blood circulation is vital for the body to function well and both young and elderly people need to maintain their cardio and circulatory health in a better way.  Many of the basic yoga asanas and breathing techniques are designed to improve the blood circulation that facilitates flow of blood from and to various parts of the body that contributes to betterment of overall health. The pumping action of your heart provides oxygenated blood along with vital nutrients while draining out the impurities.

2 – Increased Flexibility

Sedentary lifestyle, poor postural habits and incorrect work movements can lead to more flexibility related issues. This further leads to aches, stiffness and joint immobility that can cripple out active and fast lifestyle. With better blood circulation, yoga can offer better flexibility that can allow you to lead an active life without any hurdles. Various stances and asanas in yoga require you to stretch different muscles of your body alleviating pain and soreness in muscles and joints.

3 – Strong Centered Cores

Strengthening your core is another important factor that works for everybody and yoga asanas are designed to build a strong core that acts as a foundation of a strong body. A strong core is essential for better posture and that is what yoga can offer to all age group people. One of the reasons why we need to focus on the core region is because majority of the muscles in the upper and lower body rely on the core region as their source of power and movement.

4 – Weight Loss

Obesity and obesity-related health conditions are widespread and many people claim that yoga works because it’s a “Mind over Matter” concept. However, the fact is that yoga asanas requires discipline and dedication which in certain ways helps you to connect with your inner self and strengthens your focus on reducing weight. Most of the stances in yoga are not designed to reduce weight, but to achieve a perfect balance of the mind, body and spirit. These stances improve blood circulation, allow you to stretch your body muscles and strengthen your core region allowing you to slim down your body and improve metabolism as well which eventually results to weight loss. In addition, by strengthening and calming the mind, we are free to make wiser choices about what goes into the mouth!

5 – Infuses Energy and Vitality

Hectic lifestyle and tight deadlines and commitments can often squeeze out all the energy and vitality we have. Practicing yoga helps you to energize your day, helps you to release stress and tension and improves body-mind synchronization. While we consciously never think of vitality, but the fact is that we need to tap into our true self to come up with the best ideas and options. Yoga postures are expressions of our true self which eliminates negativity and provides self awareness and clarity to make better decisions in our life.

Get a taste of it all with this 20 minute beginners yoga class:

Short Complete Beginners


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