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Hello to all Yoga enthusiast from around the world. At you will find lots of free quality material, aimed at promoting the benefits that yoga has to offer.
The practice of yoga can improve and nourish the gift of health that you have been given.
We will show you why yoga is the world's most advanced guide to life

Types of YogaThere are many types of yoga and has information on many of them, they all have their benefits. We will continue to grow the site with new features and new information, as we continue to explore the wonderful benefits of continued health through the practice of this great discipline.
Free Video Download We have available for download a Free Beginners Yoga Video / DVD (Click here.) It will be a valuable aid on your journey to complete health and well being.

Now Live Yoga & the Art of Aging below is part one of a seven part series . (61 minutes)
This is a free download or to watch online now. Sign up for our News letter to get the release details of parts 1- 4 ( 5-7 are currently in post production) Preview other Yoga DVDs on youtube.

Below is the Full DVD Streaming Now

Check our yoga video page for our orginal Beginner Yoga DVD download.
Also New Yoga for Seniors

Yoga Key Facts

Our Yoga practice is a total comprehensive approach to health and fitness There is a lot more to it than just the awesome physical workout that it provides.
Our Free Yoga Video will provide you with increased energy, strength, flexibility, balance and also give you a cardiovascular workout as you understand the practice more.

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Shane From Yoga  online New Zealand Yoga is a total  comprehensive approach  to health and fitness

Our Free Yoga Video provides effective stress management through positive thought patterns and deep relaxation techniques, which are essential for our modern lifestyle demands.
Our Free Yoga Video accelerates the bodies repair processes at a cellular level. You will increase both your physical and mental well-being.
Our Free Yoga Video postures improve circulation and the health of internal organs while cleansing toxins out of the body, in other words you will start to feel better therefore you will look better!
Yoga Beginners We are here for all, however we also really want to concentrate on the beginner. We believe that it is very important to learn the right way, the first time.

Below is a full length Yoga Video for Beginners. If you join our mail list we will send you the full version for download.

Interactive Postures
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Yoga postures  cleanese the  internal organs
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postures  cleanese the  internal organs

A big thank you to our sponsor Earth First Printing whom donate a range of DVDs and DVD Packaging to our organisation. Without their help this site would not be possible.