Easy Yoga Practice – For Health & Happiness. As Easy as a Breath?


Easy Simple Yoga Practice

There are a number of ways to practice yoga, and those interested in practicing should not turn away because of preconceived notions that yoga is time-consuming, difficult, and strenuous.  The truth is, anyone can benefit from yoga, and easy yoga is a great alternative for someone who isn’t looking to for a complete yoga lifestyle change.

Easy yoga refers to the practice of simple yoga positions that can be practiced anywhere.  Easy yoga is great for the busy person who suffers from a sedentary lifestyle.  If  you are stuck at a desk all day, or are constantly sitting for meetings, or spending hours commuting in a car or plane, yoga is just the thing to help you gain more energy and reduce aches and pains, no matter where you are of what you are doing.  Easy yoga is such a simplified form of yoga that your coworkers may not even notice you are doing it.

Want one example of easy to do yoga?  Try this simple breathing technique.  During the day, we sit slumped over in our chair, and we tend to take shallow, short breaths.  Here’s an exercise anyone can do, any time of the day, no matter where you are.

Breathe.  Really breathe.  Take two minutes and breathe long, deep, breaths.  Fill you lungs with oxygen and count slowly to three.  Exhale slowly.  Feel your lungs fill with oxygen, you shoulders relax, your neck loosen.  Do this several times a day to re-energize your body and calm your mind.  You can do this in the car, at the desk, while your boss is screaming at you.  It’s the ultimate Simple yoga example.

Here’s another easy yoga exercise you can perform right at your desk.  Sit tall, making sure your spine is straight.  Put your arms above your head and interlock your fingers.  Make sure palms are facing the ceiling.  Take a deep breath.  On the exhale, stretch your body to the right.  Feel the stretch through your back.  Return to center and repeat on the left side.  Repeat several times.  This loosens the back and helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Incorporating Simple yoga into your everyday existence will help reduce aches and pains, restore mental and physical vigor, and will help you deal with stress.  Yoga will help make your life… easy, without a yoga instructor, a time-consuming DVD, and without making your body look like a pretzel.

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