NEVER GIVE UP ! Yoga and its power to heal and transform.

This is a great little clip which demonstrates the power of yoga to heal and transform your life and just imagine that you were starting from a balanced place and what yoga could do for you.

Although with our yoga system we would try to be a little more careful with the furniture!! A great inspirational story.

Leave a comment what do you think? I love to hear them!!

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88 Responses to NEVER GIVE UP ! Yoga and its power to heal and transform.

  1. I hope ne has the same spirit and self confidence as him. I donot i have completely lost it. Am gaining wait day in and day out. Tried but i cant kept it up. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Congratulations on your health success!

    Keep going and never look back!


  3. This is a great inspiration for everyone of us. Yes, I do believe nothing is impossible…infact I lost 10kgs in 3 yrs, through various sources…diet food, exercise, walking and off course yoga.

  4. Thank you for the info. I have not start the exercise yet, this really prove that it can happen. Keep me up to date. Thank you.

  5. i can now understand the power of YOGA

  6. It is a pure example of what self belief can do for you.

  7. Great, Great and Great. Thank you.

  8. Amazing,incredible, unbelievable-a miracle in this scientific 21st century.No one perhaps would ..ever believe that such miraculous recovery and attainment of wholeness from a state of utmost despair could ever happen through the help of simple old-time yoga. The video is thus not only impressive and inspiring but also teach us a lesson that modern medicine,costly surgery or other modern medical intervention are not always necessary and may not be as successful as simple yogic practices. The inspirational video also brings out that for achieving any objective in our lives belief ,practice and persistence are essential ingredients. No amount of thanks can ever be enough , It is sheer excellent and worth watchng by everyone.Thank you, thank you and thank you1 May I express my heartfelt gratitude for uploading this incomparable video.

  9. This is great, very moving story. Makes me want to get up and back to doing yoga. Thank you for sharing. M

  10. that`s what I hoped to prove to everybody I know ! thanks!!
    it`s not only about losing weight, it`s mainly about reshaping and also with meditations changing self attitude toward life as itself!

  11. Yes, we can get power, self confidence, activeness through yoga.
    Daily I do Suryanamaskarms 12 sets (24 rounds) and Short Kriya (Art of Living) My Guruji Shri Shri Ravishankar ji. My Teacher Sri. Promod Sir.

  12. OMG, that awsome. I have not been able to walk far for about a year now due to a knee problem. My weight blew out and my confidence left me behind. I signed up to yoga 1 month ago, and am loving it. I’ve lost weight, I walk every day, each day further, my mind is focused. I am living again thanks to you Al, Sarsha and the team for your inspiration.

    • Knees are very trickey and you do have to be careful with them . Junie glad to see that you are getting some benefits. Stick with it !!


  13. When I saw the video, it brought tears to my eyes, it was tears of joy for Arthur eventhough I do not know him.

    Keep up the good work Arthur!

    It is true that anything is possible when we put our mind to it.

    Before 2008 I was suffering from chronic eczema, doctors said that I had to live with it. No amount of medicine out there is able to help me or ease the itch. I had to live with the itch for 24/7, mentally & physically I was exhausted (had several steroid jabs to stop the itch – no success).

    Took up yoga in 2008 & wala, to date May 2012, no more eczema attack!

    I believe that yoga is and will always be my best medicine!

  14. Oh, Al! This story is just wonderful! I think you are right that the benefits are most visible with the daily practice. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Betsy Yeap when you are doing a lot of yoga you take for granted how good you feel all the time. Its only when you get slack that you can see the contrast.
      Thats why I built it as a yoga system for everyday.!!

  15. This is beyond science & unexpected thanks for your information & kindly send us CD of yoga so we could also leave healthy & natural life.

  16. There is a saying; there are no consequences..yet this video could have not come in a better I am not feeling the best at the moment, because I have hurt my arm. I am carrying on with my yoga practice in a limmited way and are very thankful for your suport this video bought tears in to my eyes..Namaste
    thank you AL

    • Yeah Katarina I know the feeling i have had a Knee injury for a while now. Although its not super serious it has made me think about a lot and we just have to view them as gifts from the universe. What can they teach us ? I have learned a ton and can only be thankful. We need to take an attitude of being there while getting there.

  17. Yes…… Whatever human beings thinks he became…… Never give up….keep trying……you will achieve your goal

  18. Just AWESOME

  19. What a wonderful inspirational story.. I am a Yoga teacher and would have been so nervous if this gentleman walked into my class….. I will never give up on anyone after your lovely story..

  20. Hey thanks for sharing,such inspiration to keep up the daily practice! We all have plenty to loose and so much to gain just for the effort. The resistance to even try is what holds so many people back.What I love to see is the obvious transformation within in his whole being and now empowered he can apply this to every aspect of his life.

  21. Thanks for posting this inspirational video, Al.
    I am smiling so much and got so inspired by his story :).

    I’ve been doing yoga for a while now, together with my husband. I am of good health, but sometimes I feel like I have anxiety issues. Yoga helps a lot because I could feel that my body is getting and my mind could get calm and focused.

    Your beginner yoga was my starting point. I think now I could see my bowl of water turns blue. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team are a blessing!

  22. Yes ! that’s the will POWER. It can purify and strengthen you inside and outside. He might have gone through a lot of painful moments but the result is beautiful and sweet.That is thre power of YOGA. Pasha

  23. This is an amazing video which reveals the power of bekieve and best way to get this power, self confidence, activeness through yoga. thanks to share this video.

  24. Great for him !!!
    I had also something to tell about myself. I had practiced every day for 3 months the pregnancy program that I received from Al and it took me only 3 hours to give birth to my second child at age of 36.

  25. Amazing video, and congratulations por publicar la historia de este hombre que inspirara a muchos a practicar Yoga.

  26. Hello Al,
    Yes I was one of the people that posted it. Truley inspiring story, brings chills up my spine. Thank you for sharing. just goes to show that committment to the practice will heal and change your life. I have seen it. But it takes a little work on the individual. It is sometimes hard to see that there is hope, but it’s like the planting of the bamboo seed..keep watering, keep watering, patience and compassion.
    With Peace,

  27. Really great. I am also a fan of Yoga. I am very much convinced of its wondrous benefits. Whenever I meet any of my relatives or friends whom I think the Yoga will help, I always tell them to do Yoga.

  28. That was the most uplifting and inspiring story. Thank you!

  29. Unbelievable Story…Amazing Achievement . Its never to late to change for the better. We as humans can accomplish anything, all we need is the will power and a desire to improve ourselves and our goals can be met – Namaste

  30. This is a very inspirational video,thanks for posting it.I have knee issues and have wanted to start some yoga exercises but don’t really know how or where to start.

  31. Bravo! You just inspired me at one of my lowest points. Thank-you.

  32. Yoga penetrates. It really helps to release and revive the body, mind and if used with a spiritual focus in whatever belief or manner of connection most familiar to the individual practicing yoga, its benefits are remarkable for spirit as well. Nothing is impossible and integrating yoga often into the daily routine is best.

  33. Congratulations!! I myself am aware of power of Yoga. It definitely works. You are encouraging others like you. Please keep it up.


  35. Al,
    I had seen this video earlier yesterday and told my noon class about it. Slow and steady – steady is the key. The intention to BE in yoga, to improve, and (as we say in the rooms of recovery) “it is not the falling down that makes you fail, its the staying there.” This video proves that. I teach people who are recovering from addictions and they come to me and tell me what a benefit mindful breathing has been, how much “lighter” they feel, hoe much better they rest at night. In fact, practicing yoga can bring them closer to their higher power (whatever form that takes) so that they, themselves can build self compassion and grow in a healthy way. So YEA YOGA! One day at a time – on the mat!!!

  36. thank U Al.
    U have sent a beautiful.,amazing vedeo ” Never give up”. this is a new hope for those who suffer hopelessly. thanks to DDP as well. good hopes, good fight with the disability and wonderfull result. A good lesson for the yoga critisisers. Bravo.

  37. Incredible!
    Thank you very much.

  38. A. WHYYY is he doing THAT style of headstand? The other way, where you put forearms and hands on the floor and put your head against your hands (standard Iyengar and other style) is much safer on your neck. Esp. for somebody overweight.

    B. I don’t know what else this guy did besides yoga, but I’ve been overweight for years, and done yoga consistently and am still obese according to the bmi charts.

    I’m glad for the guy in the clip, really glad, but I’d sure like to know the rest of the story.

  39. WOW!! That was a VERY moving video…that is simply amazing !
    How can anyone not be inspired by that !? I knew yoga was a good thing,
    but I never thought it could do that for a person…but it couldn’t have happened without his determination and belief either…I AM IMPRESSED !

  40. this was inspirational, i too do iyengar yoga and have been doing it four years , i am 62 and some things get harder as i get older , and sometimes i get discouraged, this has given me back the ambition to keep going

  41. I’ve recently started with yoga as my last resort. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which as a result have constant pain in my joints, back and shoulders and because of that have a very bad sleeping pattern. Now after just a few days of yoga, my aches and pains has subsided and I sleep better and I can relax more too, thanx to yoga, what a wonderful journey it has been

  42. Thanks Al to send me that video, it is really amazing to see how far yoga can bring you where you would not even know it is possible. Thanks for the inspiration.

  43. The power of the human spirit radiates through this video, through eyes which are, at the beginning sad and dull, to the end when they sparkle with laughter and vitality. I cried with the beauty of it.

    My own small story? After two years of yoga and 44 years of smoking, I finally quit. Yoga did that. Yoga helps one to become whole. Smoking didn’t fit anymore so it had to go. Now, suddenly, everything seems possible. Thank you so much, Al for allowing us to share your transformation.

  44. Wow, that is inspirational! Did Arthur change his eating habits, too? If he can do that, maybe I can lose the weight I need to. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I am pretty sure that he would of changed his eating habbits. There is a lot of education needed to eat the way that your body best responds. From what I can see a lot of quite educated people still are a long way away from optimum.

  45. I love the strength of character in this guy – very moving and inspirational.

  46. it’s made me cry :’( I remember my dead father .

    also , in the same time give me more hope to live my life successfully .

    thank you so much for sharing it with us .

  47. Awesome! Thanx to yoga I too believe.

  48. True. If you believe it happens.

  49. A great clip which shows the self confidence of a person to reach his goal through YOGA

  50. This made me cry. What an inspirational man. Amazing. I took my first yoga class yesterday and felt stiff and uncomfortable but I will get there!
    Thank you.

  51. There must have been other inputs too, like diet. But the ‘ Never Die ‘ spirit was supreme and shining. Yoga does that !

  52. Really amazing video, everything is possible untill or unless we have a will

  53. Good. The video beautifully depicts the Power of Yoga. It is inspirational for all including myself.

  54. Over my 40 years of life i have had cancer broken neck and have a blood clot sitting in my shoulder forever. I found yoga as i was diagnosed with the blood clot and it is the power of yoga that has saved me and transformed me into a better person. Yoga is a life style not an exercise class if you follow the yoga way anyone can become happier and healthier physically and mentally. I teach yoga because i believe you to could believe. give it a go. Om shanti peace peace peace
    love Gary

  55. Superb awesom dtermination, yoga is not for a day or a year it is until our
    last are real yogi with so much self confidence determination and hard work. may god bless you woth all the health and wealth.

  56. Amazing, Believe in what you can do.

  57. Very inspirational. It is having someone who believes in you and then you begin to believe in yourself. When you truly believe in yourself and know that you will change, then the weight will come off. It is amazing what yoga can do for the body, mind and spirit. That video was important for me to see, I watched it several times, it was a great reminder that change is possible, and I need to keep moving forward. Thanks

  58. Inspirational video. its a result of strong determination and proper guidence.this will help others to fight the problems of the life Yoga is not exercise but it teaches how to remain fit mentally and physically.

  59. i was upset today..first i thought not to watch the video..but then thought let see ..after watching this video i am filling inspired me today a lot..thanks..

  60. Sir i am very well know the magic of yoga thats why i have joined u . Thanks

  61. Believe. Be life!

  62. Great!

    Have a wonder life

  63. wah yoga wah.

  64. amazing experience. This proves that one can do wonders if one has positive attitude and self belief.Hope the episode would inspire many. Thanks for this episode.

  65. hi,
    awesome video thanks for sharing this video,it really helped me in solving my problem which was assigned by my higher authorities where i had thought its impossible from me to do….


  66. Its really very inspiring to see and experience. I am doing Yoga and the Art of Ageing since a week and believe that one day I am going to achieve my ‘dream weight’. Keep Sharing such stories. They really motivate!!!!

  67. I had a strong believe in this science.I can reform anyone if given a chance .
    My family has started believing in it and had got wonderful returns.I cant live without it for a single moment.Rest all actions are coordinated automatically , The world can grow in harmony if this science is understood rightly and logically by masses.

  68. Awesome! Never underestimate what you CAN DO! Believe in God and in yourself, nothing is impossible! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENS ME. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.
    God bless you!

  69. Excelente. Conectarse con el yoga despierta nuestro mundo interior, nuestra fuerza interna, creando desde la conciencia para que se manifieste en la realidad material.

  70. NEVER GIVE UP :)

    Amazing, Great video . Thank you for sharing with us this such Wonderful message

  71. I am also doing yoga and know the great power of yoga.It makes you fit.I am also 62 plus.Do yoga & feel good and smart.

  72. wonderfull. I´m brazilian and started to know yoga with yoga on Line an now with Dr. and teacher Hermogenes, he brought yoga to Brazil. Do you know him? He wrote a book titled yoga for nervpus people and I´m learning more principals and poses of yoga. He has a beautifull work with prisoners that had their lives completed changed with yoga. See Hermogens on you tube.
    Hermogenes sais that you dont need to hava a body to practice yoga!!!!

    A question: My son is 15 years and have dislexia, TDHA and TOC ( transtorno obssessivo compulsivo) do you have something to say?
    Thanks Lucia

  73. This is an amazing story.Truly touching, it made me cry. It also gave me a lot of hope that I can accomplish my goals as well. I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and it still gives me trouble and hurts sometimes. I have been doing yoga on and off but have not really developed a daily practice. The tremendous effort that this person has put into his healing (both physical and I think spiritual) is truly inspiring. It makes me believe that I can also get to the point of complete healing. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  74. Thanks for sending such a beautiful and inspiring video and i also believe that yoga can do wonders but we much have faith and practice with dedication

  75. It’s wonderful, thanks for this video.Agata

  76. I too believe in poer of yoga…thanks…this is owesome…

  77. man i love this guy !! I watched his videos and i almost cried every times i watched !! What a strong man !!

  78. My experience has been that Yoga has not been the miracle panacea people claim it to be and I feel let down.

    • Hi Erika. I wonder what aspects of yoga you have taken on? The postures, breath work, meditation, relaxation and attention to nutrition. It is a complete package. With a continued willingness to practice yoga, it brings us insights. That could include things like: i need to be move away from this job/relationship, i need to stop the sugar, i need a psychotherapist. Sometimes yoga is there to just help us acknowledge our own story, our own joys and sufferings, and embrace them all. Let us know what aspects of yoga you are trying, and maybe we can suggest something helpful. Thanks for sharing with us.