Feeling your Way into the Yoga Buzz

Yoga Buzzop

What the F is a Yoga Buzz? Getting High on Yoga

F for Flexibility

A lot people say they are interested in trying yoga. Then they say, “I’m not flexible,” or because they aren’t flexible, they say, “I’m not good at yoga.”

Have you said this yourself? Congratulations, you are now among the best candidates for yoga.

The best, you say? But how? Isn’t yoga all about bending yourself into fancy, pretzel-like positions? Eventually, most people who practice yoga do develop an impressive range of motion. Why not? A person who rides a motorcycle every day eventually develops good riding skills. A person who practices basketball every day eventually gets to be pretty good at the game at least.

Why being less flexible is good for the new yoga student

Yoga is about complete connection – the connection between every limb and every body part.  The body becomes coordinated through the use of the mind as is gets connected with your movements in each pose. That is why it is to your advantage to not be naturally flexible when you start doing yoga.

Why? Because you have to think about your movements as you enter each pose. You have to concentrate on your movements and think your way through each one. Thinking through each pose is how you develop true “skill” in yoga, a traditional athletic sense of the word.  It is also how you develop good habits that lead to proper bodily development as you do gain more and more range of motion.

People who are naturally flexible don’t think about their movements. They take their own range of motion for granted. For these people, there is little or no mental exercise in just doing a yoga pose and therefore very little mind-body connection. It is much harder for a naturally flexible person to make the mind-body connection that helps you develop better technique of focus for other activities and in life.

Getting that great “Yoga Buzz”

If you are less flexible, then it is easier to feel the effects of yoga poses. Most yoga poses make your body release energy. As stress is released from the different areas of the body that are being contorted in your latest pose, you get euphoric “buzz” that is similar to that first beer you open after a long, hard day of work. That, my friend, is a yoga buzz.

If you are less flexible, it is easier to “catch” a yoga buzz from doing your poses. Your mind and body remember these effects as you develop your range of motion, so you are able to pull these same triggers to feel good even after you become a very experienced practitioner of yoga who can bend and look like a human pretzel.

Don’t ever assume you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible. The opposite it true! Try it at home where you can practice in private with an online class.

A word of caution

You do need to take some time to develop your range of motion. You certainly don’t want to force yourself into a backbend to try to catch a yoga buzz, or to boost your ego. Your range of motion will develop over time with continued practice. Enjoy the easy yoga buzz you get from your beginner’s practice, and make the connection you’ll keep for your life-long practice.

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