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With worries of cold and flu season fading with the summer breeze, most of have not given a lot of thought to keeping our immune systems strong.  Increased sunshine during the summer months gives us a natural boost of vitamin D, but our immune system still needs upkeep! Summer comes with allergies and viruses and bacteria are still present in our environment.  A nutrient rich diet paired with the right types of exercise can help us enjoy a healthy summer and prepare our bodies for the next cold season.

Yoga is excellent for the immune system

Yoga stretches and flexes the muscles, helping to circulate the lymph throughout the body. Inverted poses and supported poses such as the ones shown below are most beneficial because when the head is below the heart, the lymph circulates through the respiratory system which is where most germs enter the body.  Poses that open the chest such as the bridge pose help stimulate the thymus gland, a key organ in the immune system. Exercise in general helps increase blood flow, oxygenate the blood and detoxify the body.

Movement works hand-in-hand with a nutritious diet

Smoothies are a fun and delicious way to give your body the vitamins it needs to thrive during every season. The smoothie recipes below feature fruits and vegetables that are especially important to immune function.  Antioxidants such as vitamin C and zinc help fight free-radicals that cause damage to cells. Foods with anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the inflammation that causes disease and damage in the body.  Lycopene protects against cardiovascular disease. Some fruits are even known for having anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

The key ingredients in a tasty smoothie

Ice, fresh or frozen fruit and something to add a smooth, creamy texture such as almond, coconut or soy milk, yogurt or avocado. If you add greens to your smoothie, you can easily cover up a slightly bitter taste by adding a dash of honey and cinnamon. Ground nuts or flax seed are a healthy addition to any smoothie and contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty-acid (great for heart and brain health). Recipe amounts can be modified according to the size of your blender.

Try these smooth yoga moves coupled with fresh smoothie recipes and say cheers to year-round health!

Yoga Movement Smoothie for Health Ingredients
Supported Child’s Pose Berry Blast Smoothie 1 cup mixed berries, 1 banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, ice. Contains: Vitamin C, zinc and other antioxidants
Downward Facing Dog Pineapple Crush ½ cup of pineapple, ½ cup of mango, ½ cup coconut milk, 1 tsp fresh ginger, ice. Contains: Vitamin C, mango is anti-viral and ginger is anti-inflammatory.
Supported Shoulder Stand Melon Madness 1/2 cup watermelon, ½ cup cantaloupe, ½ yogurt, ice. Contains: lycopene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium.
Standing Forward Bend Green Goddess 1 cup fresh spinach or kale, 1 granny smith apple, ½ a cucumber, ½ an avacado, ice. Contains: Vitamin C, folate, iron, calcium, omega-3.

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