The Shocking Truth About the Ultimate Guru


The Yoga Way of Listening to Your Inner Guru

Have you ever felt confused about your life and where it is actually heading? Have you ever felt lost in the whirls of life? Have you ever felt the need of someone who will guide you through this roller-coaster ride called life and take your hands to reach you safely to your final destination? Will you believe me if I say you already have that guru with you? Just un-found!

Shocked? Baffled?

Hold on to your seat a few seconds more, as I am going to tell you who that lost guru actually is. It’s none other than you! Yes, you are the “inner guru” of your own life. The Almighty has planned everything in such an interesting way. He has created you and created your guru too that is also you. But He has kept it a secret from you so that you can put effort in to finish the puzzle during the journey of your life.

Meet the Inner Guru

We often search near and far seeking solutions of our mundane problems. But do we actually search the solutions inside us? No. Because we ignore to believe in our own abilities so much that we always think of ourselves as too insignificant or incapable of finding a solution. Hence we search for religious preachers and spiritual gurus to change our lives with their spiritual wisdom and to direct us in the right path. Of course, having a guru is of great value. But that does not mean we cannot connect to our Inner Guru who will remain with us forever. In Yoga, this inner guru is called as Satguru or Sadguru, the philosophy of discovering the true guru through the course of self-realization.

How to connect with the Inner Guru?

Yoga, the ancient Indian science and art of binding a human body, mind and soul in a single thread, offers the way of connecting to your inner self. By practicing yoga, especially the breathing-based asanas along with meditation, one can truly enlighten the inner-world which, in turn, evokes the Inner Guru. When you rise above your conscious mind and bring the spiritual awareness to your body, you start tapping into the cosmic intelligence and wisdom of your cellular body frame. Remember, each cell of your body holds the memory of your entire life starting from the moment you were being conceived. So nobody can analyze you and your problems better than your Inner Guru.

Science says the body sends feedback of how it feels to the mind through signals which we call feelings i.e. pain, pleasure, goose bumps etc. Yoga, meditation or Pranayama help one set the right balance between mind, body and soul. So by practicing yoga, you will soon learn to decipher every minute signal the body is trying to report the mind. And unless you quiet the mind, you cannot read your body and its subtle manifestations of misalignment’s in life. So start practicing yoga and meditation, connect with your inner guru, trust your awakened intuitions and co-create the life you have always dreamed of living.

Yogasync Me!  Al asks Sarsha to clear up whether he needs to practice Breathing, Movement AND Meditation practice, and how to sequence them:

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