8 Reasons No-one is Too Old To Start Practicing Yoga

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What is the real meaning of being “old?”

Is it the number of years you have been living on this earth or those wrinkles of your skin? Does it have anything to do with your mental age or physical strength? Or your childlike willingness to learn something new? If a person shows resistance to change or take up some new challenges at 35 then that person is already aged than a 70 crossed heart full of enthusiasm. Hence, “being old” is just subjective. So is the thought of “Am I too old to start doing yoga?” which I have seen people asking Yoga experts.

Why this fear?

The word “yoga” brings some pre-convinced images to our mind like unbelievably tough body postures, perfect body fitness and agility and previous experience in gymnastic etc. These images pose as great physical threats to the grey-haired brigade. But if you read the entire article here, you would understand how chimerical your fears are.

Here are the benefits of starting yoga at an older age -

1. More free time:

Obviously, you are past those days of all-time-super-busy schedule. Neither do you have to compromise with your family life in order to embrace a new habit! You are free from all the personal and professional commitments, and, now, you can live the life all for yourself.

2. Self-learning seems perfect:

Whenever you have free time, you can watch those self-learning videos and gradually start trying it on your own. The whole idea can fabulously work for you as you can do it at your convenient time and place. Moreover, you can ask your morning jog partner to join you too.

3. Beauty is skin deep now:

Most of the young girls take up yoga as they want to “look beautiful.” So their concentration is more on the physical attractiveness rather than the true goodness yoga has to offer. But being on the older side of the fence, beauty is now skin deep to you. So you can give your 100% attention on the core aspects of yoga.

4. You know your physical limits:

Again, at our younger age, we tend to be more impulsive while pushing our limits. Just to boost our own ego and to compete with others, we push our physical limits by doing jaw-dropping postures. Now, you are well aware of your body limits and you no longer have to be “the best.” You can go slow and steady.

5. Age and agility are not inversely proportional:

I have seen 15-16 yrs aged yoga practitioners sweating hard just to touch their toes with hands or their knees with their heads. What would you say about their age Vs agility? Neither does it come with ‘practicing from childhood.’

6. “Letting go” is no more a cliché:

You used to think “letting go” is synonymous to forgiving and forgetting. But now it means accepting the truth as it is and moving forward in life with it. So you will now be more mentally flexible to let go your fears.

7. No more bodily inhibitions:

At a younger age, you would loathe seeing yourself in those body-hugging sweatpants and yoga tees defining out every loose curve of your body. You are no more embarrassed about your out-of-shape figure.

8. You now appreciate the finer inner things:

You used to be agnostic, if not atheist. The word ‘spiritual’ used to land you raging debates. Now, it means life to you. You love it when meditation soothes your soul and calms you down. In the same way, you will find yoga a way to connect to your inner self.

So, practicing yoga is meant for the young people only. It’s, probably, to stay young at heart forever. What are you waiting for? Start doing yoga and start living a holistic life.

Yogasync Me!  Begin Here with 35 minutes of postures and relaxation for vibrancy:

Short Senior’s

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