The Yogis trick for picking the right practice on any day


Strong or Tranquil?

Some days we feel energetic and powerful and need a sweaty strong practice. And on other days there’s a softness and tranquility that requires nurturing. On the energetic and powerful days we can experience invincibility in our practice on, and off, the mat which allows us to be solid and extroverted. But on the soft, more tranquil days, when we might be in our moon time (menstruation/new moon) or just low on energy, our bodies call us to ease off on the intensity and go inside ourselves – but to not cease our practice all together. The trick is to practice appropriately. 

The more we practice yoga each week, the more in touch with our body we become. Listening to the needs of the body is vital in your yoga practice. So today we’d like to urge you to really listen to the needs of your body. How does it feel today? What does it need? All you have to do is ask inside, be quiet, be still…. listen…. and trust. The body never lies. It has a wisdom that is profoundly wise – if only we would listen to and trust in it’s guidance. 

A key in heeding guidance from the body is to drop out of the mind and into the heart, or the gut, to see how something feels in these organs. The soft, still voice of truth speaks to us from within. It can take a little practice but the more you ask “how does body feel today?” and “what does body need today?” the stronger your connection with this inner wisdom will become.And this is with regard to how you eat, how you socialize – how you interact with life in general.

So having asked inside what kind of practice you need for the day, if you come up with:

A strong craving for a short but powerful burst of practice then try Al’s “Burn Baby Burn”.

But if your body wants some more tranquility and inner rest today, then try Sarsha’s “Soft and Expanded”.

Both these are relatively short Syncs, so if you’d like something a little longer, go for an hour and a half with Team Yogasync’s “I’m Alive” for a more active, powerful routine.

Or for a more restorative, low energy practice, try “Restore and Revive”.

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