7 Ways To Get Your Man On The Mat!

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One of the most difficult tasks in life is to take your man to the yoga classes.

You plead, you shout, you request, but of no use as for men, yoga is simply ‘not-a-guy-thing’. You are tired finding ways to make him realize how doing yoga together you can turn into a power couple. Not only classes, he will politely refuse your offer if you ask him to join you in your home yoga sessions. Most of the women wonder what is so scary about yoga! Ask a man and he will complain about muscle issues, about not being flexible enough to try out those bone-breaking postures. Probably, they are scared of being badly hurt. But guess what? They will never confess it.

So if you want to get across to your male partner and compel him to become your yoga partner without pushing him then here are some tested ways that could help you manage this otherwise-tough task.

1. Give him some nice insights:

Like Yoga enhances good sleep or it can greatly help in relieving stress. Tell him how it may boost his performance and productivity level without stretching his mind-power. Yoga is the meditation of the body which leads to a more focused and motivated body that is able to perform any task 9 to 5.

2. Yoga ignites the passion:

Yes, if not for any other reason, he will be more than willing to join your yoga session for this. Who does not want to be good at bed? That too, men who are almost always suffer from performance-anxiety.

3. There will be other girls too:

I know it’s a tricky one, still, if that yields result then why not trying that? Tell him that there will be other beautiful yoga practitioners too. And if he accompanies you in the classes, he will be allowed to admire the beauties. Deal?

4. Flexibility is not compulsory:

Most of your male counterparts live under the misconception that they need optimum flexibility to do yoga. Make him understand that he does not have to be an Olympic gold winner. He can begin with easy poses and gradually shifts to the tough ones.

5. World class football players do yoga:

So when the NFL players practice yoga and have it in their daily routine, then it has to have some good outcomes. Moreover, now he cannot say it’s ‘not-a-guy-thing.’

6. Let him see the spiritual aspects:

He must have been fed with the physical parts of doing yoga. But the spiritual parts might have been unknown to him. Once he will understand the inner aspects, he will be eager to take up the sessions.

7. It heals body pains and injuries too:

Other exercises like running, cycling, biking or working out in gym cause pains and injuries to the body which most of the men folk try.

Another important point, in this hectic life, by doing yoga together, you two will get to spend some quality time with each other. That strengthens the bond. It can’t get better elsewhere.


Yogasync Me!  Men can check out the yoga sequences put together by Allan, committed yogi, Volleyball player, Surfer and all round athlete.  Use the red arrows to scroll through his Yogasyncs:

Yoga by Man, for Man


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