Is This The Reason Gyms Always Force a Contract but Yoga Doesn’t?

How Yoga Is Addictiveop

Daydreaming of Yoga? Ah, You’re Addicted in The Best Way

One of the main differences between people who go to the gym and those who practice yoga is that the latter do it because they like it. Now, there may be some kind of study done to back this fact but you don’t need statistics to know that it is true.

Is There Peace and Joy?

Just look at the people in a gym. They are all sweating, grunting, grimacing and generally looking quite miserable. Now, look at the people in a yoga studio. You will see serene, beatific smiles, smooth and graceful movements and most of them look good or comfortable even with all the sweat dripping. Of course, you may observe one or two faces, showing signs of strain when doing some of the more difficult poses, and you can tell the beginners from the regulars. It’s also likely that you hear the teacher often saying relax, smile, remember to breathe or don’t clench your teeth.
The only common factor between a gym and the yoga studio is sweat but the yogis seem to be enjoying it.
You exercise because you have to. You do yoga because you like to.

Is it Healthy Gym Body VS Healthy Yoga Life?

Search for motivation and exercise online, and you will find many books, blogs, articles, sports gear and videos that’ll give you arguments ranging from the rational to the innovative, such as losing weight to fitting into a smaller size dress. Why? That’s because the widely accepted notion is that nobody enjoys exercise. You do it for a reason, to stay healthy, to look good or lose weight. Well, this is where yoga and most people who practice yoga regularly, differ. They do it because they enjoy it. They look forward to the hour and a half or so of daily activity if not with pleasure at least not with dread or dislike. They don’t need excuses. It seems like the most natural thing to do.
It defies reason.

Naturally Dedicated to Your Practice, Willfully and With Gladness

When you are extremely dependent on something and feel out of sorts without it, it becomes an addiction. Most regular practitioners feel this way when they have not had their daily dose of yoga.
The risk of doing Yoga regularly is that it tends to grow into an addiction. Not initially, though it has been known to happen in some cases, but over a period of time, practising yoga makes you want to do it regularly. Is this a good thing?
Well, there’s hardly any downside to doing yoga. It’s like playing a sport you like. It’s even better. Unlike many sports, the chances of injury or pain are minimal when you do yoga.

Om For Yoga!

You will find people who like to play or run but you will rarely find people who like to exercise for the sake of it. Is this why gyms often charge monthly memberships while you can drop-in to a yoga studio and pay for just one class? Perhaps the yoga teacher expects you to return while the health club or gym trainer knows you won’t unless you are forced to or motivated by membership to.

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