A Kick in Your Root Chakra – Dealing with Accident-Prone Days.

Accident Proneop

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning and stub your toe on the leg of the bed, doorpost, brick, JCB or some other object that seems to have manifested out of thin air?

During breakfast you drop and break your favourite mug. It’s not the “Mr. D’Arcy’s Hot” mug but the tiny ceramic one that cost the price of a small Caribbean island.

During the coffee break at work, in the middle of a good, old-fashioned soliloquy of a moan, a piece of your pain au chocolat goes down the wrong way and, as you choke to death and lament that your Catholic upbringing robbed you of all sorts of sensual delights in your youth, you wonder why none of your colleagues are running to save you. Eventually the boss, suddenly realising that staff shortages mean more work for everyone, springs into action and performs a scruffy version of the Heimlich Manoeuvre and your half digested pastry pebble-dashes the opposite wall. While embarrassed that your colleagues witnessed this very uncool regurgitation in motion, you also regret that they stay to witness the clean-up operation (if they weren’t present you might try to salvage some of the grub).

Finally, in the evening, feeling like someone who came out the wrong end of a tête-à-tête with Rambo, you drag yourself onto the sofa, soothing your little self that all is well. No more harm can possibly visit you this very day. You stretch and reach across for the remote control and bang your head on the corner of the book shelf. That’s it, you decide, it’s damage-limitation time.

“Tomorrow I am wearing f****** pillows from head to toe and drinking through a straw!”

The good news is that these are merely mini-wake-up-calls – the universe’s practical joke, its way of dragging us kicking and screaming into the present moment.  If we choose, we can see these ‘accidents’ as signs to slow down. We have become too pre-occupied or busy and so the universe thinks that if we stand on a rake which slams into our face, we might slow down and take stock. It is quite effective too. As a lesson, we can choose to learn this over and over again and, as long as we prioritise busyness over calm, the universe is only too happy to oblige.


Yogasync Me!  Does this sound like you?  Need to take ten minutes to come back to the present moment?  This ten minute Yogasync is for you:

Try Ten Minute Express Yoga for Calmness

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About Rose Servitova

Rose Servitova is an Irish writer - mother of two, wife of one. She has been practicing yoga for 8 years and writing since she started school. Trained as a Life-Coach and Reiki practitioner, she has also attended workshops on Meditation, Creative Non-fiction, Storytelling, Feldenkrais and Gestalt principles. One of Rose’s favourite pastimes is travelling. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and would travel inside a bag of coal if she thought it would give her a new perspective on life. She likes when humor and personal growth meet, generally looking for the ridiculous in life – having been influenced by her father’s mantra “Sure, if we don’t laugh, we’d cry.” Her aim in life is to become extremely profound. Rose can be contacted at - [email protected]

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