Trash your toxic shampoo and use baking soda?!


The reaction some people have when I tell them I have been washing my hair with baking soda for the last ten years is hysterical.

‘You’ve been washing your hair with what?’ ’Has it gone all dry?’ ‘Can I touch it?’

I knew baking soda (bi carbonate soda – yes the white powder you bake cakes with) was a useful  and gentle cleaning agent, more used for getting burnt food of pots or cleaning the bath than for washing your hair and body. But a bit of research revealed that indeed baking soda can be used cosmetically for washing hair and skin and once I included baking soda in my beauty regime I knew it was there to stay.

I no longer buy soap, body wash or shampoo and that has benefitted me because I am now richer and it has benefited the environment because I am no longer buying chemicals in plastic bottles to clean myself, so no more chemicals down the drain and no more plastic bottles clogging up the landfill. My skin and hair health has improved dramatically with no more dandruff or psoriasis.  I have heard it can also relieve eczema sufferers.

I buy bicarbonate soda on 25kg sacks which cost $24-99 from the farm supplies store and one bag lasts for months.  On average I’d say this stops me from spending at least $30 on cleaning and cosmetics products every time I supermarket shop.

The first time I used baking soda to wash my hair it did feel a little bit strange.  I was used to froth, suds and bubbles and now here I was rubbing this dry powder into my wet hair. However after I had thoroughly rubbed in about 1 tablespoon of baking soda and rinsed it out, it felt good, it felt clean and it felt healthy.  I finished my hair washing regime with a squirt of white vinegar to smooth down the hair follicle as a conditioner would. I have since learned any citrus fruit available ie:  lemon, grapefruit or orange also makes for a great natural hair conditioner; I have even used rhubarb juice with good results.

Some people are so freaked out by the thought of washing their hair with baking soda they only try it once.  I personally tried it once and have never bought shampoo again since… however if you are trying this suggestion and finding it too different, I advise perseverance… if you still hate it after a month, then you are never going to love it.  Chances are you will be so impressed with the improvement in your hair after a week you will never look back.

Advertising has built up unrealistic expectations in our minds about what fantastic results we can achieve if we buy certain brands of shampoo.  It does not take a long stretch of the imagination to realise that no shampoo ever delivered the looks and shine on some of those gorgeous models.  And if you are one of the unfortunate that have to continuously change your  shampoo brand in order to get a result or to combat ill-effects then baking soda is a must-try option for you.

Baking soda as shampoo is gentle and harmless.  It does not dry out your hair and skin, yet cleaning it in such a manner that the natural oils and sebum in your hair and skin are not stripped out and can naturally lubricate and waterproof your hair and skin.  Baking soda leaves your hair naturally clean without the hype and expense of commercially manufactured shampoo.

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