Yoga and the Art of Aging Part 4


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37 Responses to Yoga and the Art of Aging Part 4

  1. This is awesome. Thanks for posting the various videos. My flexibility has improved alot. I have recommended your site to many friends and hope they too will reap the same benefits as i did.
    I am looking forward to week 5 video. When will it be out?

  2. I made regular practice of your Yoga for Beginners video; i;ve recently donwloaded The Art of Aging 1 & looking forward to the next instalment.
    I also reccomended the web site to many of my friends.
    looking forward to more videos.


  3. I would like to thank you for everything you do for us. You are helping us a lot , for breathing,consontrating and being Zen

    Hoping to receive soon the 5 6 and 7 from you, thank’s in advance


    • Hey Marwa
      Working on it all. Life and business can take over sometimes. Huge thanks for the Yoga it helps keep me going.


  4. Thanks so much for these videos, they are great and I’ve really enjoyed progressing my yoga with their help. Is it possible to download this or can we only stream at this stage?

    Om shanti shanti

    • Hey Kat you can download part 1 , 2 & 3. Part 4 is streaming it needs to be made smaller for the download. Got another huge project on the go, so these have taken a back seat for a bit. But we are doing a big reorganise so that its all nice and easy to find. Putting up a new member area for it.

  5. Hi Al,

    Got part 2 but im unable to find part 3?
    im sure is there somewhere but any advice?

    keep up with the great work.


  6. Hey AI

    Thank you for your reply but unfortunatly i can’t open the 4th part :(
    Is it a problem with the link or my internet?

    Thank’s in advence for your response


  7. Hi Al,I can’t download part 4.and I missed part 2, me please.
    thanks for the best that you do for us.

  8. Thank you for these videos.You are great.Your videos help me a lot.How I can download part 3 and 4?Regards!

  9. The website is looking great! can’t wait to work my way through the next video. Thank you so much for yr guidance. :)
    Katie xxx

  10. Hello Al
    Thank you very much for posting this video. I was looking forward to part 4. I would like to ask you to please let us know when the download link becomes available.
    Thanks again

  11. Looks great, Al–thanks so much! Please let me know when it becomes available to download!

  12. Hello Al,

    Thank you for posting part 4 but I am unable to download this video. Can you let me know how to download it.

    Looking for your kind reply.

    Thanking you,


  13. Hi Al,

    I also truly enjoy parts 1through 3 and would like to download part 4. Would you like me to help convert part 4 to a smaller size for downloading?

    I had to convert the others from WMV to something I could view on my mac and iPad, which has worked out wonderfully. And I know my way around an FTP server so if I can be of assistance, please let me know. It would be wonderful to have it in a non-streaming format.

    Best regards to you,

    • Sherri

      We have not put one up . If your on Firefox try the youtube download plugin . Only use for our videos of course as you are not allowed to download others copyright material. But we allow it . So I guess its ok.

  14. Hi, Al!
    The website is looking really great.
    Thank you for Part 4. The previous videos ( Parts1-3) have become part of my yoga routine.
    Thanks once again for sharing.

    Best regards,

  15. Hi Al

    Thank you so much …for all those incredible videos :)


  16. Hello!

    Thank-you, Al for providing such wonderful information! These videos have truly helped improve my way of life.

    I am a recent kidney transplant paient, and since practicing the art of Yoga, I’ve seen BIG improvements in my overall state of well being. I feel such positive engery coming from this site; it’s a very healing place you’ve created.

    Thank-you Al, and all the lovely people that work alongside with you!


  17. Hi Al,
    I enjoy doing the beginners yoga and feel so much more flexible. I have gain enough confidence to try out the Art of Aging. I have received the link to the 2nd video but not the 3rd. How can I get it and should I wait for all 7 videos on Art of Aging before I start the 1st video or should I just go ahead and do 1 & 2 (and 3 once I get it) alternating the videos weekly?
    Thank for the great videos, it has really made a difference in my life.

    • We are just in a process of organising about 100 videos into a member area so you can find them. You can jump right in as every video is a routine in itself. You can work with the ones you need the most.


  18. Hello Al,
    how can I download part 4 in a suitable file /MP4 or video file/ with the aim to work offline.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi. I love this! How can I download this in my computer? Thanks!

  20. hey al,
    thanx a lot for the beginners video.helps me a lot everyday.You’ve done an amazing job by coming up with this for beginners like me.
    thanx once again.

  21. so how do I download?

  22. Thanks from Brazil.

  23. Hi Al

    Thanks for your sharing of The Art of Aging yoga dvds. The practice helps to reduce my lower back pain.

    Due to an accident, I have stopped practicing yoga for awhile . When I was going to try your part 4 today, I noted that the video has been removed from the link. Is it possible that you can send the link to me one more time or, is there any way that I can find the part 4?


  24. Hi Al, have been trying to get part 4 for a while, but am not having any luck. I love practicing your sequences and would love to get stuck into part 4. Would you be able to send me the link again. Thanks

  25. Thank you very much Al! I was waiting for this part..

  26. Hi, where can I download this video from, I have parts 1-3 on my hard drive and need the rest. Thanks