3 Surprising Ways Healthy Can Get Healthier!


Think you’re healthy?  Then you probably are.  You’re already getting:

  • 20 minutes of sunlight a day for Vitamin D
  • 5 or more serves of veggies and green food supplements
  • Walking, cycling, swimming or gymming every day
  • Avoiding microwaves, MSG, BPA, and glycophosphate
  • Gluten Free

But are you?

1 – Moderating fluid intake

Too much water, even the purified good stuff can do harm if over consumed. Just as a chronically dehydrated person may lose touch with their thirst signal, an overhydrated person can lose touch with their hydrated signal! When more than about 2 litres of water is drunk (of course this is hugely variable depending on size, body composition, state of health, environmental conditions and activity levels), the electrolytes in the blood can get diluted and can lead to swelling of body tissues, fatigue, cold extremities, poor absorption of food, very clear urine, dizziness, irritability, confusion and a hankering for salty foods. Over hydration can be mistaken for hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) but blood sugars will test normal. More seriously brain swelling and a dangerous alteration to cardiac output occurs.  So, if you’re constantly thirsty yet drinking more than 2 litres of water and fruit teas, plus have some symptoms like mood swings, cold hands and bloat, it’s time to half the intake and see what happens. Unsure? See a Naturopath.

2 – Mixing Kelp with your Himalayan Salts

Salt isn’t just a taste sensation, good quality salt contains both sodium and chloride which act as cell signallers and components of body fluids/tissues, essential for maintaining healthy digestion, blood pressure, muscle movement and more. As you’re already healthy, you’ll know that standard table salt is highly processed – surprisingly it’s very high in sodium and chloride but lacking in other trace elements such as silicon and phosphorus, and has man-made chemicals added instead for anti-caking; that’s why we are using natural salt but why add kelp?  Kelp contains iodine which is essential for healthy function, it is found in nearly every tissue of the body, most famously the thyroid. Iodine is needed for temperature regulation, metabolism, alertness, saliva production and is even said to play a role in the death of cancer cells. Too little iodine can lead to dry skin, weight gain, mental fog, muscle cramps and inappropriate scar tissue. Mix 1/3 kelp with 2/3 natural salt for an all-round food as thy medicine.

3 – Using kefir to help with lactose digestion?

Dairy gives you bloat, pain, gas or any of the other delightful digestive tract events, or perhaps you even get skin rashes and wheezing. These symptoms are often caused by the lactose in dairy products. The bacteria in kefir digest the lactose so you don’t have to! Many people with allergies and intolerances report that adding kefir to milk, yogurt, smoothies enables them to safely eat dairy, and you can even get kefir cheese! Kefir is super cheap as it is self-producing. Contact your health store or go online to find your local supplier. Of course I recommend raw organic milk as it won’t contain the unhelpful pesticides (from the animal feed) and antibiotics the animals are given. Plus as it is unpasteurised, in its natural state, your body will be able to process it easily, freeing up some energy for your enjoyment.

How lucky we are to live in a society where we can be over fed, over watered and live a life of luxury that even Kings and Queens of past would not have dreamed of? The fact that we now all have a level of material abundance that allows us a dry, warm room to sit in and a computer (and probably a whole lot more) boggles the mind. Let’s count our blessings, have healthy attitudes and behaviours towards ourselves and everyone whose path we cross.

Think you’re Healthy?  Leave a comment or submit an article to let the world know what they can do to be better.  If it worked for you, it may work for us too.

Yogasync me! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires keeping an eye on what goes in your body as well as what you do with your body. Click here to try this general wellbeing sync to help you stay healthy:

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