How To Make the Most of Savasana (Relaxation Pose)


Savasana / Corpse Pose:

This relaxation Asana is usually found at the end of class or a restorative session, allowing the body time to unwind and reset. It looks a lot like being spread out and asleep on the floor, however many teachers would claim Savasana is essential to a balanced practice. And just like any of the asanas, Savasana has a form and several elements that need focus in order to be done properly. Here are a few pointers to getting your Savasana right to that sweet spot.

i. Relax

In the first moments of Savasana, focus on relaxing every muscle, big and small. Unclench your jaw, let go of tension in your fingers and toes and sink deeply into your own skin. It can be helpful to work from your head down, drawing your concentration to all the areas of your body and relaxing anything that still feels like it is gripping.

ii. Focus

Especially after an invigorating class that got you sweating, Savasana can be the first chance to return to thoughts of the outside world. You are just chilling out right? The mind is free to wander. However, it is important to treat Savasana like any other pose and to concentrate on the breath. Fight the urge to start thinking about your to-do list that day and try to maintain the steady concentration you had while moving through the asanas. You are still in class, so give yourself this gift of calm.

iii. Meditate

Savasana is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation, even though it is brief. After your body feels fully at ease, try to cultivate a sense of empty thought, letting go of any ideas as they drift through your consciousness. Easy right? If you catch yourself holding onto some thought or idea, just start over again, opening a wider and wider space in your mind. Some helpful meditation tips include concentrating on a mantra, or a word, envisioning an empty room or wide open area, or even your own nose (strange but true!) Working a meditation practice into your Savasana will help you feel less tired at the end of class, for as your body unwinds your mind and spirit become energized. Then wake up and get back to that to-do list…


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