Meditation and Yoga for Self-Healing

Meditation and Yoga for Self Healingop

Healing From Within

Yoga and meditation have long been considered a powerful resource to promote healing and to also increase our sense of inner well-being. If you couple the two together; you can accelerate the healing process substantially. This is because yoga and meditation can increase the individual benefits helping you to eradicate any inner angst or illness because you combat these with pure positivity. You may well have noticed that life seems to get tougher with increased pressures and more demands and it takes a consistent juggling act just to cope, so having some time to turn the attention inward and to let go of physical and emotional tensions, can make a big difference to how you feel generally.

Modern Yoga for a Modern Life

Yoga translates into the connection between mind, body and spirit. In modern day life, too often we lose that connection and instead of thriving, we learn to simply get by. We are bombarded with viruses, emotional stresses and the potential for physical injuries – and it is impossible to avoid this bombardment of potential health problems consistently. Meditation and yoga increases our immunity, and yoga can keeps us physically strong and supple, enabling our bodies to relax and lengthen through gentle repetition. It works from the inside out, projecting total health and well-being, a sort of holistic armour.

Yoga is not just about the physical, it is a journey that links our physical, spiritual and mental well-being and we increase feelings of harmony through mindful application. The breath is linked to our bodily awareness and we can strive for complete relaxation. We feel centred and all of those negative aspects of daily life have very little effect on us when we are so in tune with ourselves.

4 Poses for Common Ailments

Yoga can also promote healing by selecting specific postures that aid our health needs. If you have a cold, sore throat or the start of a bronchial infection and feel generally unwell, you could ensure that the postures you practice that day have an increased focus on those areas of need. For example you may like to try the milder version of these postures if you are feeling under par…get the same benefits whilst respecting and nurturing the body :

You can increase the power and benefits of these postures by practicing a healing meditation afterwards and relaxing your body totally, eliminating anxieties, ensuring muscle tension is diminished and that your mind is still. A deep, healing meditation will send pure energy and light to the parts of the body that need healing the most. Choosing a colour such as blue to promote healing energy can be useful, so you can visualise this vivid colour being inhaled and moving down into the lungs, healing you and infiltrating your systems from the inside out. Visualise a dark grey colour on the exhalation depicting the release of negative energy, infections or inner anxieties that could make you ill.

Subtle Yet Powerful Healing

This is an incredibly powerful way to awaken your dormant energies and to promote good health. We can utilise this healing concept further by healing a broken heart, soothing anxieties or fear, or by boosting confidence and self-esteem. Meditation can heal the mind, body and soul; it’s gentle, nurturing and natural. Yoga and meditation can be practiced separately but when they form a union, they provide a connective bridge towards total health and well-being that will become a part of you for life.

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