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July 28, 29, 30 – Oakura Hall on South RD, Oakura.
New Plymouth

Friday 28 July; 6.30 pm – 8.30
Saturday 29 July; 9 – 12 noon, and 3- 5 pm
Sunday 30 July; 9am to 12 noon

Cost Workshop $ 90 or $25 per class

The workshop will include instruction in yoga poses, pranayama (breathing work), and meditation in supported yoga poses..

This is a chance to explore quietening and observing the mind and to use breath work to produce energised calm. Also detailed instruction will be given on asana work to release holding in the psychological and physiological bodies so we can see our attachments and mental tendencies more clearly. When practice is regular we maintain a fresh sense of self and a meaningful direction to life.

The workshop will be structured as a learning package so please endeavour to do all the classes. It will not be a marathon physically and will accommodate various abilities and conditions.

The workshop will be taken by Paul Barton, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher who has practised for 29 years and runs a full time Yoga School in Rotorua. His yoga training has extended to period of study in India, Europe and Australia.

Iyengar yoga is an exacting discipline ideal for those of us who are students of the mind, the creative principle and our placement within that, while aiming at well being and peacefulness.

For Booking please contact,
Email or phone 06 7511163
Paul Barton 07 3494 170 Email

A few Quotes
Richard Wilson . MD " Paul really knows his stuff and you can go into this with confidence."

Bill Bailey " I am going to work on the bird poses after this weekend and more backbends" .

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