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Our FREE Yoga DVDs / Windows Media downloads are exceptional quality, user friendly and enjoyable, here we teach you a few of the fundamental poses of yoga

The first Yoga DVD consists of 20 Beginners yoga postures that have precise instruction and will give you a complete work out for the mind and body. It is a rountine that we wish we had when we were starting out and we were very careful making it with only positive words.

Combined with an awesome original sound track this DVD will take you on a journey of self discovery, while you have a workout for the , ending in deep relaxation.

Yoga DVDs

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The video / dvd is available via a free download !
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There are 2 or 3 different download sizes available.
( If we have spare bandwidth for the month, the DVD quality download will be up. As it costs us a bit to give away it is not always available. We almost use all the bandwidth on this server)

Below is the 10 minute Relaxation from the video( Windows Media Player ) You may have to right click your mouse save as and play from your hard drive. Then find a quite space lie down and Relax.

Download Breathing Sample Below

Click the link below for a 4 minute sample breathing routine in Windows Media Player
Yoga Breathing Low Quality 735 kb Yoga Breathing Medium Quality 2.5 mb
The below files are quite large. To save to your computer right click and save target as . Then you can view in a excellent quality once downloaded.
Good Quality with music 16.98 mb
Professional Video with music 48.62 mb