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Many people ask if we are crazy giving away this video / DVD free from our website, which took us around 600 – 700 hundred of hours to make, putting the detailed instruction together, Choreographing the routine, doing the filming, location scouting, video editing, composing the music to suit each individual pose, all so you can have the best introduction to the yoga experience as possible. Our goal was to produce something that we wish we had when we were starting out.

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No we think that we are perfectly sane & there is not enough giving is this world, we just want to share our experience of yoga with you, spread a healthy message that will benefit your life.

Always remember this is only the first step and there is more to yoga than this. It takes decades to understand more. The DVD / Video / Web Download has 20 Yoga poses. (In order from left to right below. Opps minus the headstand as we thought it was a bit challenging for beginners). Our favourite is the 11 min’s of relaxation at the end, with a unique magical sound track, exquisitely composed by Rob to take you deep into the beauty of your own mind . You deserve this treat at the end of the workout .

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"I received your free yoga DVD today! It had handwritten letter saying "For Melanie Yoga DVD as Promised" and I believe being personal shows you are truly an excellent site and people! Thank you and I must advertise not only on my site but elsewhere because this site is one of a kind."
Melanie Webb USA

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