Torso Twist on a Chair – Bharadvajasana

Never again can anyone say that they cannot do yoga! If you can sit in a chair then have a go at this one, and show your colleagues while you’re at it! Ease stiffness in the neck, chest, shoulders, spine and back, whilst aiding healthy digestion.

Benefits: Backache, along with stiffness across the shoulder girdle and through the neck will be relieved. The long muscles of each side of the spine are made pliable, as are all the muscle fibers around the neck, shoulders and across the back. Twists squeeze the abdominal organs, so upon release, these vital organs receive freshly oxygenated blood, promoting healthy digestion. Twisting whilst seated on the chair does not require intense flexion at the knee joint, making this movement safe for the elderly and for those with a knee injury. Menstruating and pregnant women can take this twist with no risk of harm.


Step by Step Instructions:

For this movement you will need a sturdy chair.

Begin by sitting sideways on the chair with your left side body facing the
back bars of the chair. Have both thighs fully on the seat and your feet and knees together.

With your gaze soft and steady, allow your inhalations and exhalations to be of even length and tone.

Lift up from the base of your spine all the way to the crown of your head.

Exhale; turn to face the back of the chair. Gently grip the side bar with
your right hand, whilst placing your left palm against the other bar. You will now be turning to your left.

Feel your feet stable against the ground and keep your knees in line with
one and other, as you pull firmly with your right hand, to draw your
right side body towards the chair, simultaneously pushing with your
left palm to take your left side body around to the left, away from the chair.

Turning your head to the left, lift your sternum, roll your shoulders back
and descend your scapulas. Move your back ribs in; but be sure, that
you contain your front ribs against this action.

Endeavour to maintain even length through each side of your trunk and feel that
the crown of your head is lifting skyward.

Observe your breath. Is it still flowing smoothly?

Taking a deep inhalation, carefully turn back to face the front. Rest your
hands on your thighs to sit quietly for a few moments, before turning to the other side.

Carefully change sides, so that you are again sitting sideways on the chair,
this time with your right side body facing the back bars.

Ground down through your feet and extend your spine, all the way from your
coccyx to the crown of your head.

Exhale, turn, and take hold of one bar with your left hand, simultaneously
pushing your right palm against the other bar. Now pull firmly with
your left hand to move your left side body towards the back of the
chair, whilst pushing with your right hand to move your right side body away from the chair.

Taking a deep inhalation, carefully turn back to face the front. Rest your
hands on your thighs to sit quietly for a few moments and enjoy the
benefits of this simple, yet effective twist.

Everything Else:

Level: 1
Props required: Chair
Movement Type: Seated
Sub Movement Type-A: Twist
Sub Movement Type-B: Shoulders
Main Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Upper Back
Physiological Focus: Digestive System, Excretory System, Muscular System

Therapeutic Focus: Constipation, Digestive Issues, Neck Pain, Stress

Contraindications:Do not practice this movement if you are suffering from diarrhoea, headache or Insomnia.

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