Standing Mountain with Hands in Reverse Prayer – Tadasana Paschima Namaskar

Benefits: Mountain pose with the hands in reverse prayer is an intense shoulder and chest stretch. To bring the arms behind the back and hold them there, you have to contract the rhomboids and the lower trapezius muscles. The contraction of these muscles strengthens the back chest muscles while increasing flexibility in the front chest muscles; the pectorals major, minor and anterior deltoid. This opening in the front chest increases lung capacity and oxygen uptake, helping to lift feelings of depression. Standing in tadasana helps to build strength in the legs and buttocks, while correcting imbalanced posture.

Step by Step Instructions:

Begin by standing in the middle of your mat in tadasana.

Inhale your arms up to shoulder height.

Exhale and bring your hands behind your back with your fingertips touching.

If you are tight in your shoulders, cross your arms behind your back and hold onto your elbows.

If you have the flexibility, move your hands up in between your shoulder blades.

We will build the pose from the base upwards.

Begin by pressing all four corners of your feet down. Roll your outer
calves back and lift your inner
thighs up towards your groins.

Lengthen your sacrum by rolling the top of your buttocks to the bottom of your
buttocks and by moving your pubic bone up towards your navel.

Roll the very top of your inner arms – right up by the shoulder joints -
forward, and strongly press the inside blade of the scapula into the back of the ribcage.

This action tends to cause the lower ribcage to bulge forward. To counter this,
bring your awareness to the pelvis and lengthen the back face of your
sacrum down, while moving your pubic bone up towards your navel.

Now press the index finger joints into one another and move the little
fingers away from one another to increase the opening of the muscles
in the front chest; the pectorals major, minor and anterior deltoid.

Finally, move the skin on the back of the arm downwards towards your elbows,
while allowing the sides of the neck and crown of the head to float
upwards towards the ceiling. This action will help to stretch and
open the upper fibres of the trapezius muscles.

Release the hands, coming to stand in tadasana, with your arms by your sides.

Everything Else:

Level: 4
Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Standing
Sub Movement Type-A: Shoulders
Sub Movement Type-B: Strengthening
Main Anatomical Focus: Legs
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Nervous System, Respiratory System

Therapeutic Focus: Mild Depression, Poor Posture

Contraindications:Avoid this movement if you suffer from arthritis in the wrist and fingers, or have a migraine.

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