Short Relaxation – Savasana

Benefits: Savasana unites the mind, body, emotions and spiritual aspects of the self together. It relieves physical and mental fatigue and soothes the sympathetic nervous system.

Step by Step Instructions:

To prepare for savasana, take whatever clothes you need to put on
to maintain a comfortable body temperature, and two blankets. Place
one folded blanket at the top of your mat to rest your head on, and
the other blanket at the bottom of your mat to put over you, to keep warm.

Sit in dandasana with a blanket at the end of your feet.

Now your bend knees and bring your buttocks towards your heels. Take
hold of the blanket. Lower your back vertebra by vertebra on to your
mat, pulling your blanket over you as you roll down.

Rest your head on the folded blanket and straighten your legs one by one.

Bring the back of your arms on to the floor about a foot away from your
body with your palms facing up.

Your feet are hip width apart with your little toes rolling toward the
floor and your big toes following, your legs completely relaxed.

Close your eyes by bringing your upper eyelids down, taking your eyes deep inside.

Allow the skin on your forehead to be broad, and moving towards your
temples. Allow your cheeks to melt towards your ears, your nostrils
and nasal passages to be soft, and the back of your tongue to move to the back of your throat.

Draw all your senses inward, resting your mind on the spaciousness in between your thoughts.

Allow your whole body to become more and more relaxed. Feel any tension
that you are still holding on to, melt away, like ice on a hot day.

To come out of savasana, firstly begin to deepen your breath.
Taking deeper inhalation and exhalations.

Without tensing your neck and throat, bring your arms to your sides and your legs together.

Inhale your right arm above your head and gently roll to your right side,
keeping your knees bent and resting your head on your upper arm.

Pause here, allowing an inner cue to tell you when to sit up.

To come to sitting; bring your left palm on the floor in front of you
and gently push yourself up to sitting, bring your head up last.

Make your way into a comfortable crossed leg position with your hands on
your knees and your chest lifted. Take some deep breaths here and
then quietly open your eyes. Feel the calmness and quietness you are now experiencing.

Everything Else:

Level: 1
Props required: Blankets
Movement Type: Restorative
Sub Movement Type-A: Supine
Sub Movement Type-B: Meditative
Main Anatomical Focus: Whole Body
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Mind
Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Digestive System, Excretory System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Reproductive System, Respiratory System, Skeletal System

Therapeutic Focus: Fatigue, Stress

Contraindications:If you suffer from backache place a bolster under your knees, if you are pregnant refer to our pregnancy relaxation lying on the side.

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