Revolved Arm Pose – Parivrtta Bhujasana

Benefits: Arm rotations are a simple and effective way to increase flexibility in the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles. These individual muscles combine at the shoulder to form a thick “cuff” over this joint. The rotator cuff has the important job of stabilizing the shoulder as well as elevating and rotating the arm.

Step by Step Instructions:

Begin by standing in tadasana.

Inhale and begin to slowly arc your right arm up above your head.

Exhale. Circle your right arm back and down to your side.

Repeat the rotation two more times, allowing your breath to initiate the movement.

As your arm circles up and around, ensure that your frontal hipbones stay parallel to your front.

Keep following your fingertips with your eyes. In yoga we call this your drishti;
the focal point where one’s gaze lies consciously to prevent distractions.

Pause here in tadasana for a moment.

Now arc your left arm up above your head on your inhalation and circle
your left arm back down to your side on your exhalation.

Again, repeat two more times leading with your fingertips.

When you are finished your last rotation come back to standing in tadasana.

Everything Else:

Level: 1
Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Standing
Sub Movement Type-A: Shoulders
Sub Movement Type-B: Meditative
Main Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Chest
Physiological Focus: Muscular System, Respiratory System

Contraindications:Avoid this movement if you are suffering from a headache or a migraine

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