Parivrtta Trikonasana – Revolved Triangle Pose

Benefits: Revolved Triangle will squeeze the abdominal organs, creating a wringing action so that when released, a fresh supply of blood will be flushed into these vital organs. This will aid digestion and hence give one a sense of wellbeing. The chest will be expanded so the breath can deepen. The feet and legs will gain more stability and strength, and the muscles of the spine will be stretched and strengthened, which can help to relieve mild backache.

Step by Step Instructions:

Begin by standing tall and steady in tadasana.

Keep your trunk facing forward, as you take your left foot back about a leg length behind you.

Bring your hands on to your hips, exhale and extend forward.

Place your left hand onto the mat, on the little toe side of your right
foot, and turn your trunk to face the right. Reach your right arm up
towards the sky and turn your head to gaze at your right fingertips.

With your breath smooth, deep and even, press your feet firmly into the
floor. Lift your kneecaps to your thighs, so that your legs are
absolutely straight. Draw your right hip back to the space behind you
so that there is a feeling of length maintained through the right side of your waist.

Move your outer hips on to the outer upper thigh bones to help maintain
balance and to stabilize your pelvis.

Maintain a straight line from your coccyx to the crown of your head.

Keep your breath flowing.

Inhale; bring your hands to either side of your right foot, and now on to
your hips, as you bring your body to upright. Mindfully step your
left leg to your right and come back to tadasana.

Exhale and step your right leg back. Have your legs strong and straight.
Inhale, bring your hands on to your hips, exhale and extend forward
until your trunk is parallel to the floor.

Place your right hand onto the floor on the little toe side of your left
foot, turning your whole front body to face left.

Extend your left arm skywards, and fix your gaze on your left fingertips.

Twisting poses also stimulate the third chakra. One of the functions
of the third chakra is to help you digest life – physically,
mentally and emotionally. When this chakra is open and
functioning well, you will find you will be in a place of acceptance and openness to your life situations.

Exhale your left arm down to the floor. Inhale and bring your hands on to your hips, to come to standing upright.

Exhale and step your right leg forward, coming to stand back into tadasana.

Everything Else:

Level: 6
Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Standing
Sub Movement Type-A: Twist
Sub Movement Type-B: Balance
Main Anatomical Focus: Legs
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Abdominals
Physiological Focus: Digestive System

Therapeutic Focus: Constipation, Digestive Issues, Lower Backache

Contraindications:Do not practise this movement if you are suffering from Low Blood Pressure, migraine, diarrhoea or Insomnia or if you have a spinal injury

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