Inverted Wheel to Upward Facing Bow on a Wall – Salamba Viparita Chakrasana Urdhva Dhanurasana

Benefits: This movement has all the benefits of Upward Facing Bow, Handstand, Uttanasana and Mountain Pose. When these movements are put together  n this way, you have the added benefits of increased cardiovascular fitness, lung capacity, and a strengthened nervous system.

Therapeutic Focus: Stress

Contraindications: Do not practice this movement if you suffer from High or Low Blood Pressure, Have a migraine, or a serious lower-back or neck injury are pregnant or menstruating.

Everything Else:

  • Level: 9
  • Props required: Wall
  • Movement Type: Flow
  • Sub Movement Type-A: Back Bend
  • Sub Movement Type-B: Inversion
  • Main Anatomical Focus: Spine
  • Secondary Anatomical Focus: Arms
  • Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Respiratory System

Step by Step Instructions:

Have the narrow end of a mat placed against a wall. Begin by
lying on your back with your toes touching the wall, and your arms
alongside your trunk.

Take your hands, palms into the ground, near your ears. Have your fingertips under the tops
of your shoulders and keep your elbows in. Ground down through your
feet and exhaling; lift your hips, ready to move into Upward Facing
Bow. Press the inner edges of your hands firmly down as you slowly
straighten your arms.

Release your neck and remember to breathe.

Place your right foot high against the wall. Raise your left leg and
push hard off the wall with your right foot to flick one leg, and
then the other, over into uttanasana at the front of the mat.

As in Handstand, ground through your hands and kick your left leg up

and over to the wall, quickly following with your right leg, which
will come all the way down to the floor. Now place your left foot
back down so that you are again in Upward Facing Bow.

Exhale, release carefully down and rest for a few moments on your

back, with your knees bent, toes near the wall and your arms
alongside your trunk.

If you have finished back bending, Inhale your knees and thighs
towards your chest, gently clasping your hands over your shinbones to
release through your lower back, taking smooth deep inhalations and

Releasing now, place your feet back to the mat with your arms at the
sides of your trunk, resting here. Namaste.

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