Half Standing Forward Bend with Hands on the Wall – Ardha Uttanasana

Benefits: This pose increases flexibility in the front chest and armpit area, and builds strength in the back chest and shoulders. This helps to relieve tension in the shoulders, built up from stress and helps to increase lung capacity. As the body is coming forward over the legs, the hamstring muscles are being lengthened while the quadriceps are being strengthened.

Step By Step Instructions:

Begin by standing in tadasana, facing the wall.

Press all four corners of your feet into the mat.

Place your hands mindfully on the wall at hip height, with the fingers spread.

Step back with your feet hip width apart and lower your torso until you
come into a flat back position, keeping your ears in line with your upper arms.

Press the big toe mound, little toe mound, inner heel and outer heel down
into the floor.

Move the outer calf muscles back and press the top of the shinbone down
into the heel, to open up the backs of the knee.

Move both sides of your pubic bone, your inner thighs and your outer
thighs back. These actions will press the top of the front thigh
onto the thighbone and lengthen the lower back.

Press your index finger and thumb mound firmly into the wall.

Move the inside blade of your scapula down your spine, towards your
ischium bones. Press the bottom tip of your scapula into the back
ribcage and lift the lower sternum into the diaphragm, so that the
front and back body are of even length.

Take long, smooth and even breaths here.

To come out of the pose bend your knees, step your feet toward the wall
and bring your body to upright. Bring your hands by your sides and
stand here in
tadasana, breathing naturally.

Everything Else:

Level: 1
Props required: Wall
Movement Type: Standing
Sub Movement Type-A: Forward Bend
Sub Movement Type-B: Hamstrings
Main Anatomical Focus: Hamstrings
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Physiological Focus: Respiratory System

Therapeutic Focus: Stress

Contraindications:Choose the supported variation of this movement, if you are suffering from a migraine, or a headache.

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