Forward Facing Hero Pose – Adho Mukha Virasana

Benefits: In this movement the muscles on the top of the feet, ankles, shins, hamstrings and buttocks are stretched. The muscles that run the entire length of the spine are lengthened, as well the muscles of the shoulder girdle. As the head is lower than the heart in this movement, the nervous system is soothed, and the heart muscle is rested.

Step by Step Instructions:

Begin by sitting on your heels in vajrasana.

Widen your knees one by one, keeping your toes together. Quietly walk your
hands out in front of you, until your arms are straight. Exhale and
bring your forehead towards the floor.

It is more important to keep your spine in alignment than it is to get
your forehead on to the floor.

Have your hands as in Downward Facing Dog, with your fingers evenly
spread, and your thumb and index finger mounds pressing in to the
mat. Lift your underneath elbow upwards, while keeping your arms
straight, and move your outer upper forearms on to your forearm bones.

Lengthen your spine by moving your buttocks back toward the back of your mat,
and moving the crown of your head towards the front of your mat. If
you can’t bring your buttocks on to your heels, you may wish to
place a rolled up blanket under your buttocks. Press the tops of
your feet, shins and knees in to the floor evenly, while moving your
outer ankles and shin bones in toward your midline.

To come out of the pose, lift your trunk and walk your hands back toward
your knees. Bring your knees together, place your hands on your
thighs and come to sitting in vajrasana. Breathe in the
feeling of calmness that this pose induces.

Everything Else:

Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Restorative
Sub Movement Type-A: Kneeling
Sub Movement Type-B: Meditative
Main Anatomical Focus: Spine
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Groins
Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Nervous System

Therapeutic Focus: High Blood Pressure, Stress

Contraindications:If you are pregnant ensure that take your knees wide to make room for baby. Avoid this movement if you have osteoarthritis of the knees, Asthmatic Symptoms or breathlessness, or if you have diarrhoea.

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