Feather of a Peacock with a Strap & a Block – Pincha Mayurasana

Benefits: This pose strengthens the arms, shoulders, back and legs. It increases flexibility in the latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and abdominals. It improves balance and calms the brain, helping to relieve stress and mild depression.

Step by Step Instructions:

For this pose you will need a strap and block.

Begin in vajrasana with your palms resting on your thighs.

Pick up your strap in both hands. Unravel it and hold the loop up to your shoulders to
measure it.

Place your strap on your upper forearms, just below your elbows. Make an
‘L’ shape with your thumb and index fingers and place
them around the block. Bend your elbows and lay your forearm bones
flat on your mat. Tuck your toes underneath and straighten your legs.

Strengthen your base by rolling the outer edge of your thumb nail down towards
the floor. This will help to descend your inner wrist bones and move
your elbows in toward one another. When your inner forearms are
parallel to one another, your inner arms will lift, which will move
your shoulder blades into your body and up toward your sacrum.

Look forward, bend your left leg and lift your right leg up. Again, bend
your left leg and this time swing your right leg up towards the
ceiling. It may take a couple of attempts until you find your point
of balance and can float up into the pose. You may need to practice
against a wall until you feel confident enough to practice in the
middle of the room.

Once you are in the pose, keep your breath flowing. Lift your kneecaps
to your groins to engage your thighs and move your inner, outer,
front and back upper thighs on to your thigh bones to stabilize your pelvis.

Release your left leg, followed by your right leg, back down to the floor.

Bend your knees, release your strap and come to sitting on your heels in vajrasana.

Please Note: To keep the body balanced, this pose needs to be practised
kicking up with the left leg, either in this practice or in your next practice

Level: 7
Props required: Blocks, Strap
Movement Type: Inversion
Sub Movement Type-A: Arm Balance
Sub Movement Type-B: Strengthening
Main Anatomical Focus: Shoulders
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Arms
Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Endocrine System, Nervous System, Respiratory System

Therapeutic Focus: Mild Depression

Benefits: This movement strengthens the arms, shoulders, back and legs. It increases flexibility in the latissimus dorsi, hip flexors and abdominals. It improves balance and calms the brain, helping to relieve stress and Mild Depression.

Contraindications: Only practise this movement in pregnancy, if you practised it preconception. And in second trimester only. Do not practice if you are menstruating or if you have any wrist or serious shoulder or neck injuries.

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