Cat and Dog Tilt – Marjaryasana Svanasana Abhyanati

Benefits: This pose is very beneficial to stretch the front and the back body, freeing the neck and shoulders and improving circulation through the spine and core.practice.  It is also very beneficial when pregnant, as it helps to position the baby in the pelvis well. Correct positioning is imperative for an easy and natural birth.

Therapeutic Focus: Pregnancy

Contraindications: If you are menstruating this movement may increase blood flow

Everything Else:

  • Level:1
  • Props required:Not Required
  • Movement Type:Flow
  • Sub Movement Type-A:Kneeling
  • Sub Movement Type-B:Shoulders
  • Main Anatomical Focus:Spine
  • Secondary Anatomical Focus:Shoulders
  • Physiological Focus: Circulatory System
  • Therapeutic Focus: Pregnancy

Step by Step Instructions:

Begin in by sitting on your heels in vajrasana.

On an inhalation, come on to your hands and knees. Have your hands
underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.

Exhale and move your hips into cat tilt, rounding through your spine.

Inhale and arch your spine by bringing your hips into dog tilt.

Keep repeating the pose several more times.

Asyou move back and forth from cat tilt to dog tilt, sense your breath
initiating the movement and the movement originating from your
pelvis. Your hips turn first. The movement then flows through your
spine and out the crown of your head. Stay smooth, keeping the
movement fluid.

Now bring your spine into a neutral position.

Quietly bring your buttocks back to your heels and come to sitting upright in

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