Camel Pose – Ustrasna

Benefits: This pose tones and strengthens the muscles that run the entire length of
the spine. It stretches the abdominal and pelvic organs; increasing
blood circulation into this area and keeping them healthy. It
stretches the chest which increases lung capacity and oxygen uptake
and helps to lift feelings of depression. It stimulates the kidneys
and adrenals and balances the reproduction organs in women.


Therapeutic Focus: Fatigue, Mild Depression

Contraindications:If you have Low Blood Pressure come out of the movement slowly. Avoid this movement if you have High Blood Pressure a migraine, Insomnia a serious Lower Back or neck injury are menstruating or pregnant.

Everything Else: Level: 6

Props required: Not Required
Movement Type: Back Bend
Sub Movement Type-A: Kneeling
Sub Movement Type-B: Shoulders
Main Anatomical Focus: Spine
Secondary Anatomical Focus: Chest
Physiological Focus: Circulatory System, Endocrine System, Reproductive System, Respiratory System

Step By Step Instructions

Begin by kneeling in vajrasana with your hands on your knees.

Inhaleand come to kneeling with your thighs, knees and shins hip widthapart.

Check that your feet and shins are coming directly back from the
middle of your knees.

Place your hands on your lower back and move the back face of your sacrum

into your body.

Move your elbows in toward one another, lift your chest and begin to arch


Press your shins down and press your outer hips further forward. Lift your

sternum up and place your hands onto your feet with your fingertips
pointing towards your feet.

Lastly take your head back, looking up towards the ceiling.

Broaden the soles of your feet and press the outer edges of your feet down.

Move your calves to the back of your knees and lengthen the fronts of the
shins to your toes.

Lift the backs of your thighs and inner thighs up to the buttock crease
and lengthen your front and outer thighs down to the floor.

Roll your outer hips forward, lift and broaden your pelvic floor up
towards your diaphragm and move your lower back ribs away from your

Press your scapulas and your outer arms down to your palms. Broaden the
spines of your scapulas away from one another and move the bottom
tips into the back of the ribcage.

Feel the opening in your chest and breathe deeply.

On your next inhalation, press firmly through the tops of your feet and
come to kneeling upright. Exhale to
vajrasana with your hands on your knees.

Take long, smooth and even breaths.

If you have finished back bending, exhale forward and come in to child’s

pose with your forehead on the floor and your arms back behind you.

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