You get what you Focus On

If you think you can you will, if you think you can’t
don’t even bother!

Most people are totally unaware of the power that focus and belief can play in one’s life. They don’t realize that no matter what you focus on, good or bad, it all will eventually come true. When something good happens they’ll claim it as "being lucky" or when something bad happens they’ll say "why does it always happen to me?"

Well ladies and gentlemen you get what you focus on.

The key to turning a thought in the head into something that is real is focus and belief. By continuing to focus it will slowly manifest itself into a reality. Most people only focus on bad things that keep them down.

Like they’ll always say "I could never do that, I’m this, that and the other…." Well if that’s what you’re saying and believing, guest what? You won’t! On other other hand you visualize and focus on becoming better, getting healthier and what ever else that is positive eventually it will come to reality. As long as you believe and know that it is true and focus on it, it will happen.

There are no quick fixes in life that are any good. Too many people are out there always searching for the quick fix and end up twice as worst off. It takes time to develop a belief system that works.

The key is that you must believe in yourself and your capabilities. If you don’t, well stick to being like the majority and give up and deem it all too hard. You wanna know what hard is? Hard is being like the majority of everyone else because they’re out there kicking their own butts!

One of the all time greats on focusing to become greater. Napoleon Hill said "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he will achieve".

So what’s the difference between you now and
a better you in two years?

It’s simply comes down to three things
1) The information you choose to learn
(open minded policy)
2) The people you associate with
(learn from others that do it right)
3) The action you take
(focus and belief)

Form a dreams and to do list.
Map out your life’s direction.

When you know where you’re going you’re gonna get there.
When you don’t have a clue any road will take you there!