Understanding the Chakras

This page is dedicated to all those who are willing to gain a better understanding of all the aspects that yoga has to offer. Mainstream media has a lot to answer for in the treatment they have dished out to this great practice over the past. This page is a simple explanation in explaining the term chakras.

How it all Works
  • Brain
  • Pituitary Gland
  • Thyroid Gland
  • Heart / Lungs
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Kidneys
  • Reproductive Organs

Mystical Enlightenment and good health requires the free flow of prana (the life force) and the proper balance of all seven chakras. The chakras represent the major energy hubs within the body. The eighth chakra is the aura which encompasses our entire body and ties in with the other seven chakras. When all seven chakras are aligned and balanced it produces a positive energy field that is your aura. When they are severally out of balance it produces a negative state or charge which produces unwanted results. The three lower chakras serve the bodies physical needs while the other five are associated with the spiritual realm.

Scientific The practice of yoga has shown to decrease blood pressure, lower stress levels and slow the rate of aging common in the western world. The various poses or postures exercise the entire body- externally and internally. It helps in the removal of all waste both physical and cellular. It improves muscle tone, protects and repairs joints and ligaments. Yoga helps within the brain by improving focus, balance, discipline, application, and understanding  

Crown Chakra

Intuition, awareness,

Brow Chakra

Senses, intuition, telepathy, meditation

Throat Chakra

The ether, self expression,
energy, endurance

Heart Chakra

Air , compassion,
love, respect

Navel Chakra

Fire, personal power, storage of the life force (prana)

Sacral Chakra

Water, sexual energy

Root Chakra

the lower limbs


Control Center, Signals the body, Focus, Knowledge

Pituitary Gland

Yoga helps to secrete
less stress hormones

Thyroid Gland

Yoga helps to secrete
less metabolic hormones
(slows aging)

Thyroid Gland

Yoga helps to secrete
less metabolic hormones
(slows aging)

Thyroid Gland

Yoga helps to secrete
less metabolic hormones
(slows aging)

Heart Strengthens circulatory system, lowers blood pressure Lungs Improves deep breathing

Adrenal Glands

Controls the over usage of adrenaline


Enhances drainage of waste from lympathic system

Reproductive Organs

Produce the sex hormones

Below is a must watch

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