Yoga and Awareness

What is Awareness and how do we develop it? These are two of the most common questions asked when it comes to this subject.

Awareness is a connection that occurs in the deep parts of your brain. It is a deep level of understanding not just of one’s self but of one’s surroundings. It is a sense of togetherness with the many parts of the mind and incorporating the body to become "whole."

Awareness can only come about from an open minded attitude and a positive state of mind. It goes to the core of one’s self, a yearning to learn more about yourself and/or your surroundings.

A person who develops this state of mind can feel every part of their body, and they are in touch with there senses. They are proactive and will always think first and move second. They don’t fly of the handle so to speak. They are continually in a state of control.

Yoga develops awareness of what is taking place in the moment. It allows you to perceive thoughts at their early stages, before they have acquired any real emotional power.

Awareness is a powerful skill to learn however it is only learnt by taking the journey inwards. It is something that you can’t learn at a class in university but it can be learnt by the practice of yoga.

You see yoga is more than just exercise it is a way of life. It is about the continuing growth and never ending improvement that one can experience and not by following the masses. The masses choose not to learn because "it’s just too hard". There’s a saying that goes like this – you learn or burn, the choice is always yours.