Wisdom arises in us whenever the quality of our being grows stronger in the mind. It comes in principle as a result of mental clarity and greater understanding which in turn manifests itself into wisdom. Like both sides of the Yin and Yang there are no easy answers when it comes to wisdom.



As the mind grows clearer a better understanding can be developed. An understanding of one’s internal self and an understanding of all things external.

Through better and continuing understanding one is then able to develop a greater sense of awareness.

To make things simple and easier to understand we present this to you. We believe that your total self can be broken down into three parts.
1. The physical
2. The conscious
3. The subconscious

Awareness and understanding of all theses areas can be developed to a higher level. Basically wisdom can be described as a higher state of mind.

The conscious state is bound to the physical senses, which supply it with an endless stream of information that in turn is processed to produce knowledge.

The higher mind (found in the subconscious) can be compared to a polished mirror that reflects the light of the conscious state more faithfully than the conscious state itself..

When this light of consciousness (with it’s understandings) is placed into the higher mind, wisdom is then produced and understanding becomes knowing. This is a particular kind of knowing, which relates not so much to the external world of physical or psychological realities but to the inner self.

At this level of intellect, wisdom can be said to enlarge awareness in us. At this higher level, the of feelings that wisdom generates elevates states of universal love, compassion, kindness, patience, tolerance, and other similar virtues. This in turn produces the body to become even more positively charged.

People who live in a negative state will never attain to a level of wisdom. The feelings they express take them in opposite directions which eventually leads to disease and despair.

Wisdom is something that cannot be acquired at a university or any other form of institution. It can only be acquired within one’s self. It is a never-ending journey of enlightenment and understanding. It produces feelings of control and ease.

Wisdom is a state of mind.