Yoga and Purification


The mind is like a garden and if one is to grow and flourish their garden they must do the weeding.

The practice of purification is to take a deep look within one’s conscious self and see the weeds that grow there.

To directly confront one’s selfish tendencies can, at times, be very challenging.

However one does not grow without these kinds of opportunities and therefore must discard the dead weight that they carry around inside their minds. It is this kind of weight that holds one down and back. Most people in this world are carrying so much dead weight that they go nowhere but down.

The only way out – is through and to take these challenges head on. The practice of yoga allows the opportunity to clear the mind, it doesn’t happen overnight however it is a long enjoyable journey to a mind of peace and enlightenment. A garden that flourishes and blooms with colour and vitality.

Purification of the mind is essential if one is to improve one’s self and the removal of the domination of one’s ego is essential. The ego is the external self, the way we want people to see us, the constant approval that the ego yearns for. The ego is the the biggest weed in the garden of your mind and that suckers need to be ripped out.

If you are looking to grow, you could compare it to taking a journey
to a chosen destination; it is only at the beginning and the end
that you are aware that you are traveling. During a long portion
of the trip, you might feel like nothing is taking place at all.

Through persistent practice and discipline, the purification of the mind takes place and one becomes full of great energies. Wisdom arises in the mind and happiness abides in the heart. The world opens up with opportunities galore. The way to to a better self is through the route of purification, which is likely to hurt a little while the ego is being ripped out and thrown away.

Remain confident and keep the focus, the improvements when practiced properly are permanent and life is full of clarity when the road is clear.