Changing Your Mind

For one to overcome their limitations one must first start to change the way they see things. Start to change the labels they place on events and situations that take place in their everyday lives.

The brain is a extraordinary piece of machinery that can be capable of great things if that is it’s owners requirements. The ability to change is not a easy skill to master, but it sure can be one you make a choice . The Western worlds way of upbringing stays well clear of teaching it’s people about their true essential self and the ability to think for themselves.

The goal of Yoga is Yoga itself, union itself, of the little self and the True Self, a process of awakening to the preexisting union that is called Yoga. Watch the clip below for more how your mind works

The Western worlds way of doing things is to teach it’s people to be good doers and not venture outside this realm. It places obstacles in front of it’s people to trip them up. It encourages people to be just like everybody else and give them the collective "white picket fence" dream.

It teaches people to stress, worry, criticize, be good doers, stay dreaming, get mine before you get yours, etc.etc. It keeps alcohol and cigarettes ready and available to hold you down and keep you in a hazy suppressed and depressed state.

It chooses not to teach you how to look after yourself and have inner peace and happiness. It teaches the masses to find happiness in material things and "to keep up with the Jones’s." By the way who the hell are the Jones’s!

You see the mind is capable of so much more but until you start to see things in a different light then change will never come. It is up to you how you decide to see things and the labels you decide to place on these things.

So many people are just looking for a better way of life, a healthier mind and a healthier body, but very few decide to take action. The people who decide to take action view life’s challenges not as problems but as opportunities. They interpret "tragedies" as times to step up and be counted.

What words do you choose to use?

Do you use speech to reinforce negative feelings in yourself?
Or do you use it to create a positive atmosphere?

How do you treat your body?

Do you bring awareness to it, sit with it, stretch it, move it, and care for it? Or do you push your body and throw it around?

Everything is symbolic. You are giving a message to yourself and to others through your appearance, your actions and your speech, how you sit and how you interact with others. These are all indicators of where your mind is at.

Where your mind goes your being follows!

So if you want to change and become better you must decide to change the words you use and think. Develop positive vocabulary, be optimistic, view life as a challenge and realize that opportunities are everywhere.

Open your mind and eyes to greater things. Speak with actions not just words. Have patience, sow good seeds of thought in your head and water and care those seeds so they grow.

Look to weed out the unnecessary thoughts and impulses you may have. Catch yourself every time you do or say something that is not in line with the "new you"

Please remember that it is a journey for life and you grow a little more everyday. Keep climbing the mountain of life while others around you decide to fall or dig into a comfort zone.

Take total responsibility for yourself so you can then be good to others.
Be one of the few who actually decide to change for good, it’s never to
late and the time is always now.

If you are more interested on the subject of learning how to change your mind for a better way of thinking, go and find related works by the people we learned from. Just to name a few – Brian Tracy, Stephen R Covey, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Colin Rose and Stephen Chandler.