’s Five Mental Vitamins

We all hear about the five most common vitamins for the body however are here to share with you the five most important mind vitamins, to help you on your way to becoming the best that you can be.

The great thing about these vitamins is that they are free but you need to take them on a regular basis for them to work.

Basically they come from your thought patterns and everyone of them is as important as the other. Take these on a regular basis and see your life improve for the good. They need not just apply to your yoga practice however, apply them to your life in general.

Mental Vitamin A - Application: Apply yourself to your yoga practice. Application is the doing factor, to get in there and go for it.

Mental Vitamin B – Belief: Believe in what you are doing and believe in your goals you wish to achieve. You get what you focus on. The power of belief is strong and as you progress you will find things that were once just a wish or an idea will become a reality.

Mental Vitamin C – Comprehension: Look to understand everything you decide to undertake. Do it slowly and soon it will gain momentum. The more you understand about Yoga and yourself the more you will grow.

Mental Vitamin D – Discipline: Exercise discipline and you are bound to succeed. It is discipline that gets you on the mat. Once you have done it for a while, you will understand focus, which will help you on the path you choose to follow. In the strong person discipline comes from strength.

Mental Vitamin E – Enthusiasm: Enjoy everything that you decide to undertake. By enjoying the process you will achieve to a higher level and the benefits will be endless. You will be full of endless energy therefore placing yourself in a positive state. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing then the chances of any form of success will be limited. Everything becomes are struggle and your productivity will be long, drawn out and tiresome .