The Greatest Challenge

The practice of yoga provides the individual with some of the greatest challenges that they may ever experience. For these challenges are internal and go deep into the inner self. Once you overcome the internal challenges anything is possible.

These challenges are the limitations that we all have in whatever form. However what sets the yoga practictioner apart from the rest is that they embrace these with a passion and set about improving and overcoming these weaknesses.

They strive on self-improvement and the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment.

The challenge of self improvment is just a decision away.
However it will require the key ingredient of discipline.

Discipline means
"to do the things you don’t want to do
when you know you need to do them."

To overcome your existing limitations first you must admit to having them. Most people live in a state of denial and pretend these limitations don’t exist, they just make excuses or even worst just give up and claim it’s just to hard. That won’t change a thing however and things only get worse.

Self improvment is the practice that pushes the mind against its own limits, and the key ingredients are endurance and determination

An important part of any undertaking as such is to get out of the comfort zone and live always at the edge. Deliberately challenge your body and mind, applying formidable will power to whatever practice you vow to undertake.

If you are to improve you must face temptations and learn from these encounters. A temptation is considered to be short term pleasure with long term play.

That is why discipline plays such an important role. You must

define your motivations to improve and make sure they are of worthy cause

When your motivations are shallow you will eventually be found out, even if no one else ever knows you do!

Discipline builds strength of character and therefore improves your entire life. You need not be a victim and live your life reacting to situations.