Yoga and Being Truthful

What kind of a world would my world be,
If everyone in it was just like me.

This question challenges you to constantly set high standards for yourself and keep raising the bar. Act as if your every word and action was to become universal law. Carry yourself as if everyone was watching you and patterning their behavior after yours and when in doubt always do the right thing.

One of the keys to life fulfillment is to be totally true to yourself and others. One of the most important qualities one may have is integrity. Be honest in everything you do and in every transaction and activity you undertake. Never compromise your integrity for anything, please remember that your word is your bond and your honor is everything.

Your character is the most important aspect of your existence. Your character is the foundation that you are built upon. By being totally true with yourself, you will build and create a better you. Please realize that you can lie to others and they may never know, however you will always know. You can even live in a state of denial but this only leads to a road of negative results.

The practice of yoga develops all aspects of your entire self.

The physical,
the conscious
and the subconscious

In yoga the only true gains that are made are done truthfully,
exercising the ego will only hold you back.

The first part of Integrity is to be true to yourself in all things, be true to the very best that is in you. Being true to yourself means doing what you do in a excellent fashion. Integrity is demonstrated internally by personal honesty and externally by the quality of your output.

Be true to the other people in your life, live in truth with everyone. Never do or say anything that you believe not to be right, good and honest. Refuse to compromise your integrity for anything, always live up to the best that you exceed for and know.

It is very important to have good thoughts in your head. Balance comes from clarity and if your head is full of unneeded chatter then you will never grow and become complete. Do the things that only take you closer to your goals. Do only the things that will produce for you a good nights sleep .Live the law of karma and do unto others that you would have done to you.

This is the road far less traveled and it proves to be challenging however this is the road that leads to a better quality of life and fulfillment.