Postnatal Yoga. DVD (PAL)

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About Postnatal Yoga

Props Required: Blocks , Strap , Blankets , Bolster , Chair

I have got my beautiful baby, now it is time to carry on with my life and get back into shape. This is a common mistake, particularly for woman in the western world, who pride themselves on independence, and who identify strongly with body image. Resist this urge to “get your figure back” and be a super mum. Your body needs time to rest and heal after going through the miraculous birth process. Complete rest is advised for the first two to three weeks. Then quietly introduce some gentle shoulder opening like reclining hero, pranayama, and a well supported relaxation. After four to six weeks if you feel ready you can practice this sequence, or try the shorter version if you are still a little fatigued or short on time.

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