The History of Yoga


 Yoga is an ancient art, drawing all the way back to the stone age.  The first evidence of yoga is found in depictions of yoga poses on ancient stone seals that date back to around 3000 BC.  Yoga grew out of Brahmanism, an early form of the religion now known as Hinduism.  The basis of […]

Corporate Yoga Initiatives


 Corporate Yoga Initiatives Do you wish your employees were more efficient?  Paid attention to even minor details?  Had more energy?  Showed more enthusiasm?  There is a surefire way to transform your employees from lethargic, bogged-down employees into calm, efficient, happy workers.  The secret is not in a motivational book or a seminar about “synergy” and […]

Beginner Yoga – At Home Practice Videos, Teachings and DVDs

al warrior pose

 Beginner Yoga   If you live in a metro-area, chances are there are many yoga studios or gyms that offer beginner yoga classes near you.  If finances allow you to, many yoga instructors make house calls to teach you the basics of yoga before you go off on your own.  Not to say that there […]

Amazing Yoga Facts – Online Videos Here!


 Amazing Yoga Facts   Yoga is not just another fad exercise.  It has been around for centuries, and is one of the basic tenants of Hindu philosophy.  It disciplines the mind and the body through exercise and meditation.  Yoga embraces a life of peace and health.  More and more people are drawn this ancient discipline […]

Wondering about Yoga?


 Wondering about Yoga?   Have you been wonder about yoga?  About what it is, exactly, what it entails, and whether or not it’s right for you?  If you’ve never studied the ancient tradition of yoga, the word might hold a mystical connotation that intimidates you.  Or, if you’ve never given much thought to it at […]