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Peace & Love to you all, We are passionate about Yoga & all that it brings into our life, Calm, Vitality, and Health just to name a few advantages. Please Enjoy these articles, Namaste.

Pranayama – Your Vital Life Force is in the Breath.

yoga Breathing Pranayama Pose

 Pranayam is one of the eight limbs of yoga.  Pranayama, of breath work, is defined in yoga terms as the body’s life-force.  Pranayama is so essential to the practice of yoga that it is a science unto itself.  Yoga practitioners take years to learn breath control. The average person does not breathe correctly.  He takes […]


Pranayama Yoga

   Pranayama is the yoga term for “control of breath.”  “Prana” stands for breath.  Breathing provides us with vital energy through oxygen.  Deep breathing is the backbone of any yoga practice.  Practicing deep breathing will help a person be aware of the vital energy they take.  Short, shallow breaths do not provide enough oxygen to […]

Meditation and Yoga

meditation scene

 Yoga is one of the five principles of yoga.  It is probably also the more ignored principle.  However, the benefits of meditation yoga should not be ignored.  Meditation is a key component of the journey toward a higher state of mental, emotional, and spiritual consciousness. Yoga is a mental exercise and meditation is a key […]

What is Ashtanga Yoga?


  Asthanga yoga is the most vigorous form of yoga.  The term Ashtanga literally means “eight limbs,” indicative of the eight limbs of yoga.  While it remains faithful to yoga’s ancient traditions, Asthanga yoga is different in that it requires the yoga practitioner to practice a specific series of yoga asanas that flow together without […]

Simple Yoga Lifestyle Will Benefit Your Life

Simple Yoga

 Yoga is a lifestyle adopted by many; it is one aspect of the ancient Hindu religion, a philosophy that promotes unification of the soul and mind through a series of deep breathing, posturing, and meditation.  There are eight limbs, or aspects, of traditional yoga, and practicing poses (or asanas) is just one of them!  However, […]

How to Do Yoga

How to do Yoga

  Looking into practicing yoga?  Good choice!  There is no better way to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle than through this ancient, therapeutic and physical exercise.  Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of gender, age, and level of fitness.  However, it’s a good idea to know how to go about starting a yoga […]

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga lung twist

  Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga practiced today.  It focuses on meditation and physical posturing, while incorporating deep breathing techniques.  It is a gentle, calm, form of yoga, completely different from more active forms of yoga, like Bikram yoga, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga yoga.  Hatha yoga exemplifies what a lot of people […]

How Yoga Aids in Spiritual Development


 Yoga is most often touted for its incredible physical benefits, as it should be; however, yoga is not just a form of physical development, but also spiritual development.  Yoga strengthens the physical body as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Yoga incorporates not only physically challenging poses, or asanas, to promote physical and spiritual […]

The History of Yoga


 Yoga is an ancient art, drawing all the way back to the stone age.  The first evidence of yoga is found in depictions of yoga poses on ancient stone seals that date back to around 3000 BC.  Yoga grew out of Brahmanism, an early form of the religion now known as Hinduism.  The basis of […]


Childs Pose

 Lower backache can have negative effects on a person’s overall quality of life.  Back pain can be debilitating, and a person who suffers from lower backaches can feel they are missing out on life and are susceptible to depression and anxiety.  People who suffer from lower back pain often mistakenly believe that rest is the […]