In this section we carry with us our philosophy of you get what you focus on. Hence why this section on world peace exists. We just would like to bring your attention to World peace. We think that if everyone on the planet could cultivate a philosophy of equality for all and look for Win/Win relationships the synergy created would mean a greater abundance for all. Synergy meaning that the total output is greater than the sum of the 2 parts (1 + 1 = 3, 4 or 5) With this simple philosophy our world can be a more peaceful and just place to live, it is about working together and sharing the joy of what the human experience is about. If we actually carefully consider what is required to bring about world peace, we unsurprisingly conclude that it starts with a decision in individuals, making a profound change in their own focus. Starting with ourselves we can move the current state of the world towards peace by one after the next taking on the philosophy that we should feel friendship and compassion for all living beings.

We invite you to meditate on peace.

Take your mind away from the focus of the world media to and look for that internal peace that exists within yourself, when you have the capacity to feel at peace with yourself you can then transcend other boundaries to teach and project this capability to others,  

This instant in time the moment of truth for Human Kind. We must now face some fundamental realities. Critical choices must now be made in order to protect the continued existence of society. As the human family progresses into the endlessly unfolding confines of the future, we must collectively make the choice to simply vote for inner peace and outer peace.

With the many political hotspots existing in the world today antipeace has placed all of humankind in peril. Physical conflict is a past way of doing things that no longer makes sense as the evolution of thought begins to flow out in to the world around us.  It is now clear to many, that politics and force alone cannot bring about world peace…
 We can no longer accept acts of violence from one human being against another as an appropriate instrument of policy in the modern world.

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