What is Stress

It’s not stress that kills us …It’s our reaction to it!

We believe there are two types of stresses when associated with human life and behavior. One could be deemed as being good and the other as being bad. The good type of stress we refer to is demand. Through demand we have an opportunity to grow and become more. The bad type is the reactive emotion of overwhelm and worry, a failure to cope under the situation. This type of stress leads to sickness and death.

We will first cover the "good" stress. Demands and Challenges (problems) are a sign of life and to become stronger one must develop the solution finding skills that can only come through calm (self control) and focus. Without these demands how can we become better and stronger. There’s a saying that goes "I’ll show you a place where everyone has no problems, it’s called a cemetery!"

To grow from stress one must retain a positive frame of mind, that is why yoga is so beneficial when it comes to your outlook on life. The demands, stresses and changes that takes place with your mind and body can be huge. However the great thing about yoga is that you learn the art of control. Through the breathing techniques that are associated with yoga you have the ability to stay as calm as you like while you turn the intensity up even more.

It’s an amazing feeling to have total control and so when situations take place- that place demands (stress)- you have the ability to stay totally calm and look for solutions. Learn the 80/20 rule. Spend 20% of the time defining the challenge and 80% on the solution. People who stress out all the time spend 80% on the problem and very little on a solution! That’s why they get no where they only get weaker. Stress is like a weight, you can use it to get stronger or you can let it squash you!

The choice is always yours!

The bad type of stress referred to is the reactive state that you choose to place yourself under. When something happens to you, you always have a choice in the meaning you choose to give to it. The weaker or untrained mind will choose to go into a state of overwhelm. Basically the mind will lose control. This is where all the negative emotions and all there unwanted effects show up.

The constant reaction of stress is not an illness…
however it will cause illness!

With this loss of control, people turn to artificial solutions to cope with or escape from the pressures of daily life. Substance abuse (cigarettes, alcohol, prescription and street drugs), eating disorders, gambling and destructive relationships are some of the substitutes people grasp at in their desperate search for consolation.

But while these measures may provide temporary distraction or oblivion, the root cause of unhappiness and stress remains unresolved and only gets worse. Western Society is constructed to make most people lose the plot as this generates billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies, alcohol and tobacco producers, casinos, lawyers, medical professionals and the likes. If everyone knew how to look after themselves there would be no need for all these so called solutions!

Yoga is a real solution and it’s free if you want it to be. Sure you can pay for a video or a class but the skills once learnt can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Become totally resposable for yourself and take control. Look to become better and constantly test yourself when it comes to times of demand. The choice is always yours to make on how you choose to perceive situations and events.

Are you looking to get stronger and live
or do you want to get weaker and die.