Stages of Yoga

The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity, peace, and poise, to free it from confusion and distress.

This simplicity, this sense mind of order and calm, comes from the practice of asanas and pranayama.

Yoga asanas integrate the body, the mind, the intelligence and, finally,
the self – in four stages.

The first stage in the practice of yoga is one in which we practise at the    level of the physical body. This is known in the classical term as    arambhavastha.

The second stage is when the practictioner learns to move in unison with    the body. This is known in the classical term as ghatavastha.

The third stage occurs when the intelligence and the body become one.    This is known in the classical term as parichayavastha.

The final stage is the state of perfection. This is known in the classical    term as nispattyavastha.

The Inner awareness, (spirituality) will build and flow into the practictioner through these stages. Negative emotions such as fear, misery or pain will vanish, and life will become one of simplicity, peace and happiness.

Yoga helps to fill the Inner Void

We live in a world today which is very consumer orientated and also very competitive. This way of living has created for a lot of people a confused state and a search for who they really are.

The way of living for most people is becoming more complex as the days go on and they chose to become stressed in their ability to deal with this way of life. They lack that inner happiness and chose to pursue it it external ways which leads to a life of dis-ease and dispair.

There is a lack of the inner self (spiritual dimension) to their lives and in all their relationships. However amongst the masses there are those that find the keys to a life of joy. These people realize that peace and happiness, do not come from external sources but come from within.

Yoga is a key to unlocking the doors within your own mind to a
life of peace, happiness and fulfillment.