Self Realization

Yoga is a powerful, internal experience, which integrates the body, the senses, the mind, and the intelligence, with the self. Yoga is a system where every person can realize his or her full potential.

Four Ways to Self-Realization

The path to knowledge
(jnana marg)

when the practitioner learns to difference between the real and the unreal

• The path of selflessness (karma marg)
service without thought of reward

• The path of love and devotion (bhakti marg)

• The path of self control (yoga marg)
The mind and its actions are brought under total control.

All these paths lead to the same goal of total oneness.

The aim of yoga is to gain total control of one’s self and to calm the mind of conflicting impulses and thoughts that occur on a everyday basis. To work on the removal of the ego that produces the external approval, prejudice and biases, which will lead to a path of negativity. A negative state of mind leads to pain and distress which in turn leads to dis-ease and despair.

Yogic science centers the intelligence in two areas:
the head and the heart

The intelligence of the heart, which has been referred to as the "root mind", is the agent of false pride, it disturbs the intelligence of the head, therefore causing conflicts in the internal self and setting fluctuations running within the body and mind. (confusion)

These afflictions can be described as a negative state which cause physical ailments. These ailments include a anger, blame, denial, indifference, laziness, the desire for sensual satisfaction, false knowledge, indisposition, or unsteadiness in the body, and, lastly, poor respiration.

The practice of Yoga helps to eliminate these ailments, and disciplines the mind, emotions, intellect, and physical self.